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Animorphia: Brahma Bull with Budget Priced Pencils.

I’m taking a break from Johanna Basfords ‘Enchanted Forest’ to revisit some books that I have had almost from the start of my colouring jag.  Kirby Rosane’s wonderfully wild and whimsical ‘Animorphia’ has been calling out to me from the…
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Works in Progress.

I often get asked if it’s better to concentrate on one picture at a time or is it okay to work on many pictures.  I guess it all depends on your individual personality.  I’m easily bored so I generally have…
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When Rainbows Vomit or Just Who is Judging This Art Show Anyway?

Hi everyone.  Today I want to discuss something that’s been sitting in my mind for a few weeks now.  I’ve uploaded a bunch of images to keep this page pretty and also to illustrate my point.  My point being that…
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