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New Video Series in Production: Colouring in Enchanted Forest.

I have an exciting announcement for you.  In response to the many, many questions I get regarding how I go about colouring I have decided to make a tutorial series where I demonstrate colouring from start to finish every aspect…
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Colouring Walkthrough: Creating a Background in Enchanted Forest.

Johanna Basford’ Enchanted Forest colouring book features a number of pages where a single featured animal or item is drawn ‘floating in space’.  This makes for quick easy pages in between her more complex, detailed ones.  Quick and easy unless…
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Enchanted Forest: Stages in Colouring the Day Forest. :)

It’s not really called the Day Forest, that is just a nick name I’ve given this two page spread in Johanna Basford’s ‘Enchanted Forest’ to differentiate it from the first forest two page spread which I named the ‘Dawn Forest’….
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