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If you would like to help support me I truly appreciate it, Here are several ways that you may do this.



My Patreon page is where you can support my art in an ongoing basis, Patreon supporters are rewarded with early access to my videos as well as other perks. some are still to be announced.




YouTube support, allows you to make a a one off support contribution. you can do this by clicking the support button on my YouTube page.

** Just remember to let me know as YouTube does not tell me who has made a support contribution and I would love the opportunity to thank you.




I am often asked where to send some happy mail, so please send it to:

P.O. Box 6068

Herne Hill

Victoria 3218


I get a lot of requests for review of books and art supplies, but please remember I am only one person juggling a career, family and YouTube / Blog / Instagram / Facebook. if you send me something  without a prior arrangements I cannot always fit it into my exceptionally busy schedule. I do have the best intentions but I just might not have the time to colour and create a video.

What is it all for:

I absolutely love being able to bring my colouring and art knowledge to YouTube / La- / Instagram / Facebook  for all of my friends online. All of my support goes towards art supplies / equipment to better my production as well as freeing me up from the distractions to make more content.

I truly appreciate everyone that has chosen to support me and cannot express how much it helps provide more quality articles and videos.

Thanks you everyone for your generous support

Peta Hewitt

La Artistino