Das Wunderbare ‘Die Welt Unter Der Lupe Zu Wasser’

Or in English: The wonderful ‘the World under the Magnifying Glass about Water.’

Sometime ago I learnt about Rita Berman, a fantastic German artist and her marvellous colouring book series, which at the time consisted of her four seasons books.  They are relatively inexpensive but I could only afford one so I ordered her latest addition to her set ‘Die Welt Unter der Lupe zu Wasser’ from the Book Depository to try out.  And I’m very glad I did.  I have since bought her next book ‘Die Welt Unter der Lupe zu Lande’ and they are both so much fun to colour.  When I get a little more financial I hope to acquire all four of her seasons books as well.

The books are smaller than average size at 20cm by 20cm (8 inches by 8 inches) which makes them the perfect travel size and quicker to colour.  The paper is excellent quality, medium thickness bright white with a nice even tooth.  They are resilient to water colour and i have had no problems with bleed through in Zu Wasser where I have been working mainly in watercolours with pencils. There are a nice selection of single sided and double page spread pictures with a variety from very simple to moderated complex with nice clean lines which are bold but not thick.  I did notice that Rita will re use the same elements in different pictures… for example the same fish and turtle images will appear in different pictures but I did not feel that this was excessive and there are plenty of unique one off elements.

I started using watercolours in Zu Wasser (so far i have only used pencils in Zu lande) and i am enjoying the experience.  the paper does warp as almost all colouring book paper does but it isn’t excessive and doesn’t bother me.  So far i have used Winsor and Newton water colours (I have the 40 set of half pans) and Koi watercolours and they work just fine.  I like to add pencil after the watercolour is completely bone dry to bring out shadows and accents and then play with a white gel pen for corrections and sparkles.


If you are interested in purchasing Rita’s books you can find them here on the Book Depository.



  1. Martha

    I love Rita’s books too, Peta… I have them all, and peruse the Facebook group a lot.. Maybe you could do a video coloring in one of them!

  2. Martha

    Peta, I think your “Subscribe” button on the right (blue) is broken… not working for me…

  3. MarieD

    I, too, like Rita’s books. The size is perfect and they’re often whimsical. That appeals to me.

  4. Lana

    Wonderful pictures, Peta! I am also fan of Rita’s books. I have all four seasonal books, but my favourite one is Mein Winterspaziergang. I think it is the best winter/Christmas book ever!

  5. Imogen

    Hi Peta – I love your pictures in this book! I got this one for my birthday and I already had the Zu Lande book and I love it! I also got the compilation of all of her seasons books, which is great for anyone who might not have had any of Rita’s book before. I would love to see a video/colour along too?!

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  7. Mari

    I know Peta is still recuperating so I’m hoping one of her followers can help me (I know this is a long shot) but I’m almost finished with a picture from Daydreams and I’m stuck with how to color a crown. My gold pencil makes it look dull so I need help!!!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.



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