Halloween with Monster Girls.

Hi again.  It’s the spooky season in the US… and apparently a little bit of it leaked over to Australia.  Our big shops are currently carrying Halloween merchandise which, I guess, somebody must be buying.  The retailers in Aus have been trying to push sales in Halloween items for… hmmm… I think it started when I was just exiting my teens.  It’s finally got a bit of a toe hold.  On the dastardly day you do see a few small crowds of children in fancy dress being shepherded along by a few mums.  I think more commonly are gangs of plain clothes teenagers seeing if they can score some freebies from the neighbours… at least in my city.  I think one year we had three lots of door knockers… it was a big year.  All the same I do make sure I have a few goodies by the front door.  This year I’m thinking water pistols and a bottle of ‘ammo’.  Something to burn the sugar off the little loves.  I’m sure the mum’s will appreciate that.  (That isn’t meant to be mean… we’re heading into Summer and the days can get pretty hot in November.) Teens can get an apple… hey healthy, take it or leave it.

I haven’t had the time to do a Halloween picture as I’m using those hours I have spare to work on my Creative Cats project… I’ll tell you more about that in a later post… and working on a few pictures including the second part of the World of Flowers tutorial.  So in honour of the holiday I thought I would post up three more of my monster Girl pictures today and another three tomorrow on the day.

The monster girl pics are a project I started last year and involves creating 30 pictures of monstrous girls from a series of prompts.  I had to abandon the project part way in due to a rare complication from an injury I sustained at work which meant I could no longer sit upright for long enough periods to accomplish anything.  But a did get a number of them done so why not use Halloween to post them up.  These three here are ones that you may have seen being painted on Youtube.  All are completed using Derwent Inktense pencils in a A5 travellers sketch book.  The one above is girls number four my Naga girl.  She is one one of my favourites.  I spent a lot of time sketching out designs and poses for her.

Girl two was a centaur prompt.  While trying to come up with an original idea for her I doodled a few ‘house hold chores’ type pose and this is the one I liked the best.  I’m terrible at drawing horses and i think i could have done much better with the tail if i had planned it better.  Some people can draw magical looking hair… mine just come out like clumpy seaweed. but she has a simple, pretty face so I think she’s okay.

Girl number three was a slime girl.  That prompt had me stuck for a while.  i didn’t want to just draw a pretty girl dripping with slime, nor a blob with long eyelashes.  I came up with this lass living in a slime environment with robes made from slime.  I dribbled Inktense laden water down the page to give the slime hanging down a more organic look and then made it all liquid-shiny like with a gel pen once the Inktense had dried.  i love how the expression on her face turned out.

Tomorrow i will post the next four completed Monster Girls.  Until then, happy colouring!


  1. CorryB

    Beautiful work Peta and wonderful creativity. You should be proud of your Monster girls. Btw, I love the Centaur’s hair. You are your own worst critic (as all of us Artists are) because she is amazing. (;

  2. Moon Ram

    Hi Peta, looking forward to more of the Inktense Monster girls. I was wondering if u could render one with just the pencils and another with just the blocks. Also, in the journal u use which technique works better – alla prima or layering or a little of both. Thanks.


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