Sydney. The Magical City.

Hi everyone.  I’m having some issues with this blog site returning errors when I try to create a post.  I’ve got this far this time so hopefully this will work.  Unfortunately we missed a post because it wouldn’t work at all last Friday when I was trying to create this post.

Anyway… I said this time I would post something other than Dagdrommar pics.  So today it’s a pic from Lizzie Mary Cullen’s ‘The Magical City’, one of the books I hope to complete in the next few years.  I’ve skipped ahead this time, away from the rule of doing each page in order, as I really wanted to colour this one.  Once again it’s with Inktense pencils which are my art supply love. I find working in Inktense to be fast and satisfying as I can complete a piece in literally half the time I need when using coloured pencils.  And the results are always bright and fun.  I have almost all of Lizzie’s books but unable to make a start on ‘The Magical Journey’, which i badly want to work in, until i complete the majority of the pages in this book.  Oh well, it’s all fun in the end.  I have a number of other pages in this book that need to be uploaded here so keep an eye out for those in future.

Also I will be filming part one of a new tutorial in Johanna Basford’s ‘World of Flowers’ in which I have already filmed an unboxing and flick through which is also scheduled for release shortly.   Another tutorial using coloured pencils and alcohol markers is finished and currently being edited so that will be up soon too.

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  1. Chris

    I love inktense! Based on your posts and seeing your work, I decided to purchase some. I’ve been playing with them and learning how to use them and I can see why you love them so much. This piece is beautiful!


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