Diamond Crab. Dagdrommar

Hi everyone.  Another Dagdrommar piece today.  I promise I have been colouring in other books.  I would just like to get through some of the older stuff I haven’t posted yet.

I coloured this crab in with FC Polychromos pencils and used a Uniball white gel pen on the diamond she’s holding.  The background was coloured with Caran d’Ache neocolor II water soluble crayons.  I have had mine for over half a decade and loved to use them in my art journals for q quick, bright splash of colour.  They’re expensive so I bought a tin of 15 on discount and gradually collected a dozen or so more over the following months.  I would love more but they are super expensive here and very hard to find.  There is only one shop I know of where I can get them open stock and they sell there for $4 a crayon!  So I’m content with my little stash.  Applying them is easy.  Colour a thick layer and activated them with a a wet brush.  I worked in sections using a swirling motion to get the effect you see above.  The paper in Dagdrommar tolerates the crayons well and I also know that Kerby Rosane’s ‘Mythomorphia will too.  One of my favourite pictures that I will post soon completed using them in the background.

I will try to post again on Sunday.  It might not be possible as I and Hubby are joining my sisters for high tea on the Queenscliff ferry to Sorrento and back.  I don’t know what time I’ll pull back into G town but I’ll try to post in the evening.  If not it will be on Monday.  Catch you then.


  1. Julie Holleran

    I agree on Neos–very expensive–i have a small set and really prefer the Inktense pencils…
    Your Crab is so lovely–and that diamond is really amazingly sparkle-y great work hugs, Julierose

  2. Chris

    Love your crab! I’ve never tried the Neos but I’ll have to keep an eye out… looks like a nice way to do the background. Have a wonderful time at high tea! Sounds delightful.

  3. Imogen

    Hi Peta – I would love to see a Colouring Supplies Collection following on from your Finished Pages. I love the background on this page, the colours are really vibrant! I have about twelve open stock Neo II’s but I only use them for my art and prefer to use coloured pencils in my books. I love seeing all of your pictures!

    1. Chaypeta (Post author)

      That’s a good idea, Imogen. I’ll put that on my ideas list.

      1. Imogen

        Thank you Peta – I would love to see it, your completed pages are amazing and it would be so interesting to see what supplies you use for colouring and your own art. Many thanks!

  4. Deborah O'Neill

    Hi Peta! I found them on Amazon here in the US. I know you can’t get onto Amazon US anymore but they’re $1.99 a piece and the sets are as follows; 84 for $119.65, 40 for $53.95, 30 for $40.69, 15 for $23.91, and 10 for $14.50. If you’re ever interested in getting them I’ll help you by ordering what you want and forwarding to you. I also sent you a message in Tumbler regarding someone I thought would be of interest to you. Just click on the little tab at the top of your screen to view. I absolutely love your artistic abilities and am a huge fan. Your friend from Florida, Debbie


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