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Hello everyone.

I’ve been absent again as you know.  Quite a bit has been happening in my personal life.  I’ve been back at work on very light duties (read desk work) for a couple of hours a couple of times a week.  Presently I am off again as I am recovering from surgery which removed damaged medial nerves from my back.  My house, which has fallen into shambles over the last two years due to me being able to stand more than a few minutes at a time, is currently my major project.  I have been methodically going through each drawer, cupboard, corner, pile of accumulated stuff and dust.  One big long drawn out spring clean.  I have to take it slowly still, as I don’t want to undo the healing that has been taking place.  I have uploaded a few YouTube videos lately at a slow rate… but still slow is better than none at all.  I feel I can finally blogging on a regular basis again.  So I am going to try update every Friday for starters.  I hope that all of you who have stuck around through my absence will enjoy the stuff I have to show and tell.  One day I will post the details of what happened to me but not just yet.  I’ve got this thing that I want to be completely back to normal before I turn around and examine where I’ve been.

Anyway, the pic I’ve posted is one you would have seen on one of my recent videos.  This is my Jelly Fish  page.  I wanted to try painting the background with Twinkling H2O’s… little mica infused pots of bright watercolours.  The paper in Hanna Karlzon’s ‘Dagdrommar’ takes paint very well for paper that isn’t actually watercolour paper.  The jellies themselves are coloured with Polychromos pencils with a little Prismacolor here and there.  I covered all of the black lines with a white Uniball gel pen to give the jellies a glowy appearance.  This is one of those pictures I didn’t like when I first completed it but it has grown on me.  I think it still needs a bit more dark blue around the bottom of the picture so i will probably go back to it and finish it when I figure exactly what I want to do.  Until then I’m quite happy to call this one semi finished.

Dagdrommar is one of the books I am working towards completing.  Have you got a book that you want to colour every picture in.  or are you one of those amazing people who have already completed this mammoth task.  Leave a comment below, I’d love to know.


  1. Royce E Day

    Glad to know you’re taking it easy, Peta. Healing from something like that takes a terribly long time. Here’s hoping your remaining recovery goes smooth and steady.

  2. Mary

    Well… I have just recently gotten brave and am actually coloring in my books and not just making a “practice” copy. Lol. My goal at the moment is to get at least 1 page in each of my books done. May take me a year to acvomlish that. But hey it gives me a good reason to color!!

  3. Angela Gutknecht

    I’m currently working in all of Johanna Basfords books. I find it difficult to work in one only. It becomes a more of a task for me then an enjoyment. So I usually complete 2 to 4 pictures at a time and then move on to the another one. She has so many books out that or so pages completed in each book.lol I do designate a couple of art products to each book though. For instance Lost ocean is galettes gel pens and pastel pencils. Her Jungle book is strictly prisma pencils and Secret Garden is Inktense pencil.etc etc. the problem is she keeps bring out new books so I fear i will never complete a whole book. Such is life. Lol I am so glad you are getting back to a more normal life Peta. You go at your own pace and don’t feel rushed. Your fans will wait gladly for you. Hugs to you❤️

    1. Chaypeta (Post author)

      Then you might be dreading her latest book ‘World of Flowers’ which is set to be released shortly. I also have certain books that I reserved for particular mediums. makes the choice for how to colour something one step easier.

  4. Mari

    Dear Peta:

    It’s so good to have you back. Go at your own pace until you’re completely healed. Your fans aren’t going anywhere. We only wish you the very best!

  5. Imogen

    Hello Peta, I am almost 14 and have nearly completed Ivy and the Inky Butterfly – 8 pages to go! I really enjoy watching your videos, they were some of the first that I watched when I started colouring properly in April 2017 and they have inspired me to continue my love of colouring and drawing. I am planning, after my birthday in November, to start a YouTube channel, where I will do a flip through of Inky Ivy completed and other colouring videos. Glad to hear you are getting better, I can’t wait to see more new content from you! Imogen
    (This account is under my mum’s name)

    1. Chaypeta (Post author)

      Hi Imogen. Almost finished! Wow… You’ll have to give me the name of your YouTube channel. i would LOVE to see a flip through.

  6. Imogen

    Thank you so much Peta! I am aiming to start my channel in late November and it will be called ‘ColouringKid’ – thank you for replying, I was so excited!

  7. Chris

    Peta, I’m so glad to hear from you again! It’s wonderful news to hear that you are on the mend and taking it easy so you can recover fully. I’ll be happy to see you’re posts again. I’ve missed them! I learned so many things from you on my journey into the world of adult coloring. Wishing you healthy healing and recovery! Looking forward to more adventures with you in the future.

  8. Lana

    Such a lovely jellyfish! With that white outline they look really light and transparent, like real jellyfish!
    The book, in which I am going to colour every picture, has only 31 pages, LOL! In spite of that I still haven’t coloured even half of it in three years.
    I have more than 250 books in my collection, in 53 of them I coloured at least one page… It looks like I should start searching for local Colouring Book-holics Anonymous Society already…


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