Micador ColouRush Competition 2018

Hi again.  I have a new prize giveaway for you all.  This one is sponsored by Micador, an Australian company marketing a wide variety of art gear for artists kid sized to adult.  They have approached me to run a giveaway to celebrate the release of the new pencil tin packaging for their 12 and 24 set ColouRush pencils. They will be giving away 10 sets of 24 pencils in their new, very well made, metal cases.  These cases have the lids attached via a hinge so it can’t go for walkabouts while you colour.  Micador ColouRush pencils were one of the first pencils I started colouring them and they remain one of my favourite budget conscious pencil.

Koi coloured with Micador ColouRush pencils from Angela Porter’s ‘Color me Calm’ colouring book.

I even have a set in my travel pouch for when I’m making art on the go.  Here is an example of my own work from my little A5 cartridge paper travel sketchbook.  The picture was one of my experiments scribbled quickly down onto the paper with a ball point pen with no effort put into making it look realistic. lol.  I love how the bright ColouRush pencil colours combine so well to make interesting, colour texture effects.


Here’s what you get in the 24 tin plus a bonus pic of the 12 tin.  The 24 tin features a nice range of bright colours plus a light peach and all those browns for colouring people and animals etc.  Personally I would have liked to have seen a few more bright colours and another choice of blue but I find this range pretty good, particularly if you like to play around with layering colours to produce new ones.

If you would to enter the draw to win one of these ten sets of pencils all you need to do is scroll down to bottom of the page and leave a message using 25 words or less telling me why you would love to win a set of these pencils.  You need to be a subscriber to my YouTube channel as well as subscribe to the Micador Group YouTube channel.  There are links listed below in the terms and conditions.

The competition will run from Friday the 6th of July 2018 to Sunday the 15th of July 2018.  The competition is International so anyone anywhere in the world can enter!

If you are lucky enough to be chosen as a winner you will be contacted via email through the email address you have registered with on this blog site.  All winners will be announced in a blog post that will be posted on Tuesday July 17th.  This will be a very short competition window so if you want to be in the running get in quick!  Micador will handle the mail out of the prizes to the winners.  Good luck everyone!



Terms and Conditions

Information on how to enter and prizes forms part of these Conditions of Entry.

The Peta Hewitt Micador ColouRush Giveaway commences on Friday the 6th of July 2018 and closes at 11.59pm AEDST Sunday the 15th of July (‘promotion period’).

The promotion is open to entrants worldwide.

The competition will be promoted during the promotion period on http://la-artistino.com/ and advertised on Peta Hewitt’s YouTube channel and La-Artisino Facebook page.

To enter, participants must complete 4 steps:

  1. Watch Peta Hewitt’s video on the Micador ColouRush Pencils FSC 100%, Tin of 24 posted in July 2018;
  2. Comment on the video in 25 words or less why they would love to win these pencils;
  3. Subscribe to Peta Hewitt’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC319W9__DFTzcLYSyPBGlTw; AND
  4. Subscribe to Micador Group’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgKQaYxqoQN3iG6aJIp4EpA

The prize pool consists of 10 x Micador ColouRush Pencils FSC 100%, Tin of 24. The total prize pool value is AUD$150.

This is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner. Each entry will be individually judged, based upon individual creative merit. All entries must be an independent
creation by the entrant and free of any claims that they infringe any third party rights. Peta Hewitt will select the 10 winners based on their comments and announce them the week following the promotional period closing date.

Once the winners’ contact details and local phone numbers are collected and sent to Micador Group of Dandenong South, Victoria, Australia, the prize packs will be sent to the winners via mail within four weeks of them providing their address details. If a winner is under 18 years of age, the prize will be awarded to the winner’s parent or legal guardian.

The winners’ names will also be published on http://la-artistino.com/ in July 2018. In the event that for any reason whatsoever a winner does not take an element of the prize at the time stipulated by the Promoter then that element of the prize will be forfeited by the winner and cash will not be awarded in lieu of that element of the Prize.

YouTube is not a sponsor of this contest and all participants release YouTube from any and all liability related to this contest.

Any personal data collected for the contest will only be used to contact the winners and will not be used in any other way.

This Promotion is governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia. Entrants submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of that State.


  1. Michelle Klosterman

    I would love to try the pencils. The colors are so vibrant.

  2. Joan Odean

    You have previously favorably mentioned the quality and vibrancy of these pencils and, since I love your work, I know they must be wonderful.

  3. Michelle Herren

    I would like to win because you showed me what a small set of pencils can do and I like the colors in the set. Good luck to everyone!

  4. Heather White

    Micador’s not available in the UK, so it would be great to try a new quality brand for colouring books. The Colours look wonderful too.

  5. Lynda Ryan

    I would love to win these pencils as I would like to try them, you speak very highly of them so the must be good.

  6. Catherine Garbutt

    What a fantastic prize from Micador. The colours look amazing.

  7. Marja

    Wat een prachtige kleuren
    Ik zou ze dolgraag proberen.

  8. Tami Sifford

    Hello Peta, Great giveaway, i would love to win these because i love to try new pencils and these would be very special coming all the way from Oz ! Color Rush
    C Cream
    O orange
    L lime
    O opal
    R red

    R royal blue
    U umber
    S silver
    H Hewitt (i know its not a color but you know i had to get in Pia’s name in here for doing such a awesome give away !

    1. Tami Sifford

      C Cream
      O Orange
      L Lime
      O Opal
      U Umber
      R Red * Sorry i spelled Colour the American way.

  9. Susan Neidlinger

    I am new to the coloring world and I would love to win these pencils because I love their colors and they look great like the higher end pencils.

  10. Betty Sadoway

    I would love to win these pencils cause I love everything Australian! Your wonderful accents, your incredible landscapes, your amazing animals and Jim Jeffries. I figure your pencils must be super too!

  11. Neringa Mikstaite

    Hello! Thank you for this opportunity to win amazing pencils! I’m excited, because this could be a great challenge to work with a limited palette!

  12. Louise Davies

    I would love to win these pencils as they look so lush and vibrant! Also, I have not seen them in the UK where I live, so it would be a wonderful opportunity.

  13. Dev Wilcox Modernist Colourist

    I know Micador are environmentally conscious so winning these would allow me to support the environment whilst I Colour. I could colour rainforests free of mistreatment. Make It Coloured And Design Other Realities. MICADOR Slogan

  14. Janelle

    You have been greatly missed from the colouring world of youtube and it is great to see you back in action.. i purchase Micador brand products for my children but have never thought to give them a go myself.. so I’d love to win some.. thanks for the chance

  15. Estrella Lozano Pesado

    Hi, Peta. I would love to win these pencils because I want to learn to color with a limited palette of colors.

  16. Kristen Verbitski

    I would absolutely love to bring more color into my work and these pencils look fabulous. And of course, Peta, you are forever inspiring me.

  17. Robyn Broderick

    Hi Peta I love the new packaging and I have never tried these yet but they look great.

  18. Michele Laurence

    I would love a set for my travel kit when I can’t take my polys or prismas,but still want vibrant colours.

  19. Heather Dino

    Peta your skills are amazing and I use prismacolor because I do color along with your videos and would love to experience these. They’re beautiful.

  20. susan lawson

    I love watching your videos and tutorials Peta, I would love to be able to win these pencils as they look awesome

  21. Magda Huisman

    Love the vibrant colours! I regard you as my colouring mentor. So happy to see you back.

  22. Veerle

    I love coloring in people and animals so these (for me unknown) pencils would be awesome ! Thanks for hosting!

  23. Loren Patafta

    With the MICADOR 24 colored pencils I can produce
    Mind blowing
    Drawings &
    Rentinal Art.

  24. Rox

    Really want to try these wonderful pencil but cannot get them here in HK, hope to win one ^^

  25. Nikol

    Being a 3rd grade teacher, art is my only outlet and way to decompress and I would love this new set of pencils to play with.

  26. Nikol

    Being a 3rd grade teacher, art is my only outlet and way to decompress and I would love a new set of pencils to play with.

  27. Audrey Liew

    I would love to win a set of these pencils because they looked so vibrant and beautiful in your sample above. I would love to have a set of colour pencils that is made in Australia.

  28. Brenda Snider

    I only have Prismacolor pencils would love to try these vibrant colored amazing tins pencil’s. Thank you Micador and Peta for having contest.

  29. Linda Berman

    I love using new pencils and comparing them with my favorites… eager to use them!

  30. Casey

    I don’t need to win anything, just stopping by to wish you very happy birthday for yesterday Peta! I hope your day was as brilliant as these pencils! xx

  31. mary

    I just found you and your art is awesome! I would love to try these pencils and see if I can get a look similar to yours. Lol. Would be worth the effort to try.

  32. Skye Jensen

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway Peta! I would love to win these pencils to have a nice set to carry around with me. 🙂

  33. Megan Cao

    I want to add these pencils to my collection because coloring is my very special hobby. Coloring has been saving me from some dark times.

  34. sarah griffith

    I would love to add these pencils to what i ha read e …been living in a camper with my famiky for last 3 years..coloring is how i keep my sanity.

  35. Faye Meek

    Hi Peta, I would really love to win a new set of pencils, iam new to colouring and trying to build up my pencils sets, I do lots of crafts, but had to give them up due to illnesses, and needing a shoulder replacement, but found that being right handed and its my left shoulder that needs replacing, I can colour without aggrevating it now and after my replacement and iam really enjoying learning all the new techniques, shading, blending etc, its a very addictive new hobby.

  36. Kelli Sacco

    I would love a set of these pencils because you seem to like them so much and I trust your judgment.

  37. Barbara Long

    Recently discovered your YouTube & subscibed. Your Micador review excited me! Been sick for weeks; following your tutorial with these would heal me! Bless you!

  38. Darlene

    I would love to win these pencils, I am always looking for a new medium to try as I spend almost all day in my studio. Love your videos

  39. Darlene

    I would love to win these pencils, I am always looking for a new medium to try as I spend all day in my studio.

  40. Marcella

    Thanks Peta/Micador! I’d love to win them because they sound great and because they’re Australian; I lived there when I was a springchicken 🙂

  41. Carla

    would love to win these colored pencils! thanks for the opportunity!

  42. Rachelle Daley

    These pencils look amazing! I would love a chance to play with them since I’m unable to get them here in Canada.

  43. Michelle C

    I would love to receive a set of Micador pencils. I enjoy using mixed media in art and coloring and these would be a great choice when I use colored pencils.

  44. Nou Vue

    To be honest, I like collecting art supplies and if I can get my hands on these color pencils it would be awesome to try them. I am a young artist who istrying to reach their goal in becoming a professional art illustrator.

  45. Laura Rafter

    I would be delighted to own and color with a set of these pencils that I cannot get in the states.

  46. Renate

    Micador is not available in Holland. You create beautiful pictures using the ColouRush, Peta. I would love to give them a try. Fingers crossed.

  47. Tina Tomaszewski

    Hello Peta! I’m commenting to ask you to please include me in the competition to win the set of Micador ColouRush colored pencils. As many others, I am disabled, money is always so scarce, and coloring is my only therapy. Nothing makes me happier or calmer! Recently more medical bills I’ve acquired has really cut into any additional funds I would be able to use to purchase art supplies. So, as you can see, winning a set of colored pencils, especially the Micador’s after seeing what you do with them, would be awesome! Thanks so much for consider me! Your really big fan and subscriber since 2016!

  48. Luciana Miashiro Lima

    How wonderful would it be to be all they in Brazil having vegemite on toast while colouring with Micador, watching Peta’s Videos?!? Dream come true????????

  49. Kelly

    These pencils must be amazing because you speak so highly of them! I’ve learned so much from watching your videos – Thank you for all you do!! My work has definitely seen improvement and some shiney new pencils would be another terrific boost 🙂

  50. Karen

    So glad you’re back! I’d love to win these because I’ve been very inspired by the work you’ve done with them. Cheers!

  51. Sandra Van Asch

    I love your work and I would be so honored to win a package of Micador. Pencils because you have shown 2 beautiful pictures you colored with them. They are not available in US.

  52. Miriam Pistara

    I would love to be the happy winner of those beautiful pencils because I simply love pencils and I always want to try new ones ????

  53. Connie Diggs

    Love your tutorials Peta.. Micador is not readily available in USA.

  54. Kimberly Hemm

    I would love to win these pencils because I have been coloring now for 4 years & have been using gel pens & have learned so much by watching your how to videos. I have been looking at colored pencils & reading the reviews on them because I would like to have a set to start using to learn to shade & do skin tones. After viewing this video, I am very sure this would be a great set to start learning with along with watching your videos on you tube. Thank you so much for everything you do for the world of coloring ❤️

  55. Roxanne

    Glad to see a new video. Hope to find you well.
    I’d love to win these. Coloring is A great stress reliever. And I love all the happy colors!!

  56. Amanda

    I would love to try these & add them to my travel bag. Carrying my bigger sets just is difficult for an on the go Artist.

  57. Karen

    I would love a set of Micador pencils as I don’t have any now

  58. Brandi R

    I can’t get them here in the US and have seen RAVE reviews. Would LOVE to win a set (LOVE my pencils ♥♥)

  59. Lisa Smith

    You’ve spoken so highly of these, it would be so neat to try them out since I don’t think you can buy them in the US. Miss your videos!

  60. Fran L'Heureux

    I’m 72 and just started coloring I would like to color with these pencils

  61. Fran L'Heureux

    I’m 72 and just started coloring and enjoy it. my kids think I’m off my rocker, but I don’t care. I truly enjoy it!

  62. Mike Kelley

    New packaging looks great! Pencils look great from your pictures and would love to try a good quality product not available in the U.S.

  63. jody

    I would love to win these pencils because I am addicted to coloring and pencils, can not get enough of them.The pencils look wonderful in your book would love to try them.Thank you for a chance to win them

  64. Kristy

    I could really enjoy these…”Thank You”

  65. Deborah O'Neill

    Hi Peta!! I love when you have giveaways and look forward to the chance of being able to try some new pencils! You’re awesome!! Love your tutorials. Your friend from Florida, Debbie ????

  66. Fern Curtis

    Hi Peta, I would love to win these to see how well they would work in coloring books done on createspace paper.

  67. Hester

    Peta, this Micador set seems perfect for me to take on a trip! All important colors are in this set of 24. Great to win!

  68. Jenn Marie

    I would love to win these beautiful pencils as I am still fairly new to adult colouring and have found it to be so beneficial and relaxing. I am currently recovering from brain and nerve damage, which I sustained when I was 21 years old, 36 now. I’ve been bed bound and in alot of pain for years, so when I found adult colouring it was a huge blessing. I finally have something to do in bed, which takes my mind off symptoms and pain. It’s truly a wonder at healing stress and relaxing the mind and body. I currently only have one set of coloured pencils, as they are quite expensive. So I would be so over the moon to win these Micador pencils, as I’ve hear so much about them and they look like amazing quality and the colours are so beautiful and vibrant. Thank you so much for this wonderful chance!

  69. Bianca Spoolder

    Hi Peta, I love to watch your Youtube videos. You explain it all very clearly. I like your style of colouring very much. I just started to colour and I got kind of addicted to it. Because of physical issues this is one of the very few hobby’s I can do. I get a lot of joy of it, especially of seeing the progress I make and the joy I experience by practicing the things I learn through watching your videos.
    As I just started colouring I really would like to use the Micador pencils, because I think they perform really good from what I saw in your videos and because it is hard to get them, because I live in Holland.
    I hope you will be showing a lot more videos on Youtube.
    Kind regards, Bianca.

  70. Lynne Schmitt

    I have been watching you color with these for years. And I am eager to try them for myself. You produce such beautiful work with them. Of course, they aren’t available in the U.S., so I am hoping to win!

  71. Sarah Haynes

    Your channel has taught me so much and I love watching your videos. You have recommended this brand and I would love to try them.

  72. Marie Armentano

    Hi, Peta, I love your videos and have been very curious to try the Micador Colour rush pencils, which are not available in the U.S.

  73. Sandie Cuppett

    Hello, Peta, from here in Florida, USA. I would love to win these pencils and add them to my colored pencil collection. I have watched you use them in one of your YouTube videos and I think I’d enjoy them immensely. You are one of my favorite YouTubers and I often recommend you to the group of colorists I meet with once a month. Thank you for this chance to win.

  74. Marina

    July 17 I’ll have a small surgical procedure and it’ll be wonderful to win these pencils I’ve always seen you enjoying!

  75. Charlene

    Hi Peta, hope you’re having a blessed day. I would be delighted to win a pack of these pencils. I love for budget pencils, getting that I’m on a fixed income and just starting out with the coloring groups, and leaving techniques, never knew coloring could be so beautiful! Stays enjoyed coloring, always relaxed me. This would give be an opportunity to try new pencils… They seem to be awesome pencils.. You’re would is beautiful, Thanks for the opportunity to enter and Thanks to Micador for their generosity!!! Hope you all have a blessed day!

  76. Charlene

    Should have proof read that…. Okay, it was supposed to be.. Being that I’m on a fixed income…. And learning techniques and I always enjoyed coloring and your work is beautiful…. Sorry about that, would have edited it but there was no option…lol… Have a blessed day

  77. Michelle

    I can’t afford expensive pencils. Your artwork with these pencils is beautiful, and the colors are lovely. Winning a set would be amazing. Thank you.

  78. MaryAnn Powell

    Micador ColorRush; Thank you for this opportunity to experience your product. I am sure I will find enjoyment while coloring! Thank you again!

  79. Elizabeth W

    My neice and i enjoy coloring together, this set would be great to introduce her to as she learns shading and color blending!

  80. Sarah Woodring

    I would love to win these pencils because I have wanted to try them out since I seen Peta’s Video comparing diff. types of pencils. Sadly I can’t get them in the us. Thanks for the chance to win!

  81. April Dunlap

    Because of you I found your tutorials very helpful.Coloring along with you had ever me. My 29 yr old son passed away in9/1/2016. These pencils would be great blessing . As paying out thousands of dollars for the cost. I need and want to have these. Thank you

  82. Patti

    Tried ordering these after seeing how well they did on the pencil comparison video using the mandala but was unable to get them here in Canada.

  83. Joyce Yong

    I would like to win this Micador ColouRush Pencils for my mother, Judy because she adores colouring. I would really want her to be blessed.

  84. lynette dalton

    I would love to win these pencils. I have wanted some ever since I saw them used on your channel. Thanks for the chance to win them.

  85. Kathy Brenneman

    Hi Peta,
    I would love to win these Micador Color Rush Pencils. The colors are so rich and vibrant and I like trying different Pencils. I am a Girl Scout troop leader and I often use my personal art supplies for my girls to be able to do art projects. These pencils would be a wonderful win all the way around.

    1. Kathy Brenneman

      I didn’t get to finish my comment, don’t know what happened. I was going to also say that I love the new packaging you shared with us and that I’ve referred to your comparison color pencil video many times. Thank you for the opportunity to win a set of these beautiful Micador pencils.

  86. Kristy Tyra

    I would love to have a go at these pencils. I have enjoyed watching your videos and have missed watching them. My color pencil collection has grown considerably since I started watching you and learning more about how to improve my coloring skills.

  87. Brand

    I am new to the pencil color scene. I have been training myself with Crayola, they are unforgiving. Love your channel

  88. Tanya Robinson

    I have a 12 year old daughter that would love this set. She is a budding artist starting to add color to her work.

  89. Angela Watson

    The range of colours are beautiful,they are great pencils from your videos, and I would love to try them here in the UK

  90. Nina

    I would love to win these colored pencils for the sake of Charlie Brown, poor kid seems to be always down on his luck.

  91. Marie Ross

    I would love to win these Micador Pencils as these are not available to buy in my country. Love your channel.

  92. Karen Waters

    Your tutorials are wonderful for a newby with no artistic ability…sad, I know. You give me hope. Micador pencils would help too, lol.

  93. CC

    I would like to get a box of pencils and wish that i will be as good as you are one day 😉

  94. Chris

    I would love to win those pencils for my aunt, who just got into adult colouring books. I know she’d be very happy 🙂

  95. Nicholas

    These pencils look lovely. I would be thrilled to win them. I know they will produce a symphony of color to my art and coloring books!

  96. Diane

    Hello Peta,

    I would be really happy to win those pencils as I would be able to bring them with me when I travel.

  97. Martha Pascual

    Welcome back Peta. I hope you’re feeling better. You have been greatly missed.

  98. Rachael Mohler

    I have a set of Micador Colourush that is getting shorter everyday and would love to have a new set. I use them when I sit waiting in doctor offices and they get much use since I have many health issues and many specialists. That way I don’t use up my expensive pencils, yet I still get great results.

    1. Rachael Mohler

      Oops I went over 25 words.

  99. Wendy Kiuchi

    In a gray apartment block on a gray street in a gray city in China lived a girl who desperately needed color in her life… help!

  100. Nicola Kinch

    Awesome colours from what look like awesome pencils demonstrated by an awesome artist. Did I mention how awesome it would be to win !!

  101. Leah Dean

    Wow! So wonderful to hear your voice again! I would love to win these pencils, it’s hard (and expensive) to get supplies from Australia here in the U.S. and these are just the boost I need to get my coloring mojo back 🙂 thank you for the opportunity!

  102. Imogen Butler

    Peta, I have been so inspired by your channel, I am only 13 and want to become as gifted at colouring with pencils as you.

  103. Linda R Vidal

    Hello from a fan in the USA. I am an older lady, 65 years old, until this September, and would love to try the Micador Colourush pencils in my Adult coloring books. (Because of a deteriorating spine, I spend most of my time lying down with a lap desk, coloring to pass the time. I would love to be as good a colorist as you and some of the other ladies that I follow on Facebook and YouTube.)

  104. kayla hawkins

    i would love to win these pencils beacause they look amazing and id love to try them out,i dont have many sets of pencils because i just lost alot of my coloring books and supplies in a house fire and id love to recieve these!i do have a youtube,color tube channel and will do a review of them if i win them,they look so lovely thanks so much for the amazing chance!

  105. Carol Patrick

    After retiring I rekindled a favorite pastime which had almost been forgotten. These Micador’s look wonderful and would help me create peace and contentment again.

  106. Ayesha Azeem

    I know Micador – these pencils would be perfect for my son! He’s autistic and has an inbuilt sense of colour we encourage through artistic creativity…

  107. Natasha Anuchina

    Hello from Russia. I would love to try this pencils, the colors are great, especialy the range of browns, and package is so fancy. I don’t have any pancils in tin, looks very handy)

  108. Vitória Ferreira

    Greetings from Portugal,
    Last year I was struggling with depression when I bump into one of your videos and went out to get a coloring book and a cheap set of pencils. I stoped spending all my days in bed and started to fill my life with color and joy. I would really like to win the pencils because for the first time in forever I’m excited about someting and ’cause mine suck 😛
    Thank you, much love

  109. Amanda Meyer

    I would love to win these. I actually had a pack before and they were stolen, and they are no longer carried on amazon US.

  110. Claudia Moraes Pera

    When i begin painting i step into a world of colours and images. Micador is a magic access portal to this colourful world.


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