Brave Kitten from Dagdrommar. Plus My War On My Outstanding WIP’s.

Hi everyone.  I’m still about lurking in the dark shadows of the colouring world. Last month I experienced a renewed interest in colouring.  With my physical problems now resolving I can once again indulge myself in long colouring jaunts.  To kick it all off I did an inventory on all my WIP’s. It turns out that I had 25!  Oops.  Some people can happily loose interest in a piece, or abandon it if it isn’t turning out the way they envisioned it.  I… can’t do that.  My completest psych won’t let me.  So I made a deal with myself.  For every new picture I started I had to complete THREE WIP’s.  I found an unused note book (sparkly pink hard cover from ‘Typo’ FYI) and made a list of my WIP’s along with other colouring notes I have decided to keep track of.  I am dividing everything by the month they occur in so that I can keep a written history of what I’m doing for future comparison and reference.  (Why didn’t I do this before?!) As I completed each piece I list it with the date in the current month.

And it worked.

Over the last two months I have powered my way through 23 of my 25 WIP’s and coloured a number of fresh pages.  Please note that the WIP’s were all at different stages.  Some were almost complete and only needed another hour or two though with others I was starting almost from scratch.  I now have only three WIP’s left. YAY!  They are the tiger from Magical Jungle, the echidnas in Wildscapes and a gel pen testing page I began a week ago to sort my gel pens with.  It’s one of the pages I would never colour in for fun in ‘Color me Calm’ (the magazine style colouring book, not the Angela Porter one) so I’m not really counting it in.  I have been holding out completing the tigers as I originally filmed it as a colouring tutorial.  But given the number of colouring tutorials using this picture on the Net I will finish it privately and try to pick a page that doesn’t yet have a tutorial to do.  Any suggestions?

Soooo… I intend to spam this blog with updates of all my completed works to date starting with the Brave Kitten from Hanna Karlzon’s ‘Dagdrommar’ above.  This was one of my outstanding WIP’s from last year.  I had only coloured the snail and the large leaves.  I completed this picture using Faber Castell Polychromos pencils with a sprinkling of highlights from a Uniball Signo gel pen.  I was aiming for bright greens, purples and oranges and I’m happy with the result.  ‘Dagdrommar’ is one of the three books I would like to finish over the next couple of years, the other two being ‘Enchanted Forest’ and ‘A Magical City’.

I am planning to write a post that will explain what happened to me over the last 18 months so if you’re curious it will be up soon.

I will also be announcing another competition sponsored by Micador Australia at the end of the week. 🙂




  1. Vanessa

    Hi Peta, I’m so happy you are feeling better and making a come back and look forward to seeing all your newly completed pictures. I love your kitty. I would be excited to do any of your tutorials but would love to see how better to colour a night scene like the one you did above.

  2. Angelica Avendano

    Hi Peta I didn’t know anything about adult coloring books until I bought a coloring book for my granddaughter but ended up using myself. You mentioned you’ve had health issues and you took a break and I was the opposite, my health has kept me pretty much housebound so I started coloring and I enjoy it. I’m a beginner and i decided to try youtube. I don’t do social media though, actually I don’t know much about subscribing so can you tell me how or what to do to help you, because I think you color so beautifully. I hope you continue to get well. I’ve got a long way to go but your tutorials help me not only to learn how to color but they take my mind off my health issues.

  3. Cass Fronapfel

    Peta, so glad to “see” you about and feeling better! What about another fabulous “A Magical City” speed coloring with your Inktense because there is so much to learn from watching you use those and a “Dagdrommar” tutorial on coloring feathers? So many beautiful birds in Hanna’s books and a tutorial from you would just be the cherry on top for coloring them all! Best wishes on a continuing and speedy recovery.

  4. sinjorino.t

    it’s just fantastic to have you back and I am happy that you are feeling better again. Maybe I should do a list of my wip too as this sounds like a good idea. I am not bothered that I have wip all over the place but it’s easy to lose track and that is a shame.

  5. Nanette McCall

    Hi Peta! I’m so happy to hear you are feeling better!

  6. Mari

    Dear Peta:

    It’s so good to have you back and most importantly that you’re feeling better! You are always missed because your pictures and tutorials always bring so much joy.

  7. Michelle H

    I’m so thrilled you rediscovered coloring and have completed so many WIPs! I am very much like you… I only have one wip because I was a farmer’s daughter and we finish what we start. I will look for your blog post on your health because I’ve been thinking of you and wishing you better tomorrows.

  8. Lynne Schmitt

    I’m so glad to have you back! I have been missing you desperately! I was very worried, as I knew you had been having health issues. Here’s a big hug for you. Can’t wait for things to return to normal. Welcome back!

  9. Barbara Nelson

    I’m so happy that your health has turned a positive corner. If you do decide to comeback on YouTube more please do more coloring tutorials. We really don’t need to see you waste your precious time and artistic talents swatching another brand of pencils. I like realistic things to look realistic and I’m still having problems with leaves larger than an inch looking the way I want them to. So I vote for more Peta Hewitt tutorials.????♿???? Barb

  10. Rachelle Daley

    Hi Peta, so happy you’re back! I love how your kitten turned out. Great job on completing all of your old WIPS, I can’t wait to see them all 🙂 My request for your next tutorial would be any picture from Kerby Rosanes. Looking forward to your health update!

  11. Sandra Van Asch

    Wow, I am so glad you are feeling better and making a comeback. I have missed you so much on YouTube. I look forward to seeing more of your work, instruction, and tips. I have learned so much from you. You are truly born to be an artist and you are amazing.

  12. Marie Drozdis

    It was so good to “hear your voice” here again. You were the first artist I followed when I discovered my passion to put colors to a page. Please take care of yourself while you continue to heal.

  13. lynette dalton

    I so want you to feel better. I miss your tutorials. I colored the grasshopper by your tutorial and everyone loved it. Miss you and cannot wait to see you again.

  14. Royce E Day

    I’m so glad to have you back. I know all of your health issues have really ground you down. I can’t wait to see all your completed works!

  15. Lana

    I am so happy that you are feeling better, Peta! Glad to hear that you are back to colouring and so eager to see your finished WIPs and new pages.
    Your kitten is awesome. You made his fur to look so soft and fluffy!

  16. Rachael Mohler

    It brings me much joy that you are feeling better.

  17. Chris

    I’m so pleased to hear you’re feeling better and are back again! I’ve definitely missed your posts and have learned so much from you. Sending lots of happy, healing thoughts your way for continued inspiration and healing.

  18. Michael Anthony Jones

    Hi Peta, I am glad the problems you are facing are getting better! I have wondered where you have gone. I have enjoyed your tutorials over the years and refer to them on a regular basis.

    Having said that; would you, could you kindly consider an in-depth tutorial on colouring metallic s, from silver through gold etc. Not withstanding family and professional commitments.

    Kindest regards, Mike.

  19. Liz

    Welcome back. I look forward to more tutorials, and would especially love a watercolour background one. If you do those? Glad your feeling better!

  20. Laura Kenney

    Oh Peta,
    I’m so happy that you’re feeling better & doing tons of coloring( lucky us)???? I can’t wait to see your tutorials again & see all your lovely coloring, artwork & tips & tricks.

  21. Laura Kenney

    I don’t know where those??? Came from on my message. It was a smiley face. Please disregard the ??. Jeeze.

  22. Annie

    Hello Peta,
    I’m so happy that you’re feeling well enough to work on the things that you love. You are my favourite colorist on YouTube because of your calm manner, you explain everything so well without getting too long winded and your work is beautiful. All the Best,

  23. John

    Can anyone upload a pic of some work on this page?.. I think it’s awesome some the I just browsed through. I have some pics and would to apart of such a deal. Someone plz email me back and lemme kno some options.. thank u


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