Grasshopper VideoTutorial Part 2.

Grasshopper tutorial part 2 is now up.  Finally.  We were planning on releasing this video last Wednesday but that didn’t happen.  We came across a sound issue with the video.  It was a very noisy video to edit as I had to tape it while my family were home and families are noisy.  Somehow they’re even noisier when they know mum is filming and they have to be quiet.  It is difficult to find a quiet moment when there is no one around just lately.  Not that i don’t love my family, I do very muchly. But family and filming just don’t go together.

In any case this video is finally up. I was planning to have both the flowers and the background in this one but it turned into a monster in size so we decided to cut it in half.  The second half where I show you how to do a simple colour blending background in rendering at the moment.  hopefully we can have it finished and ready soon.

Special Note!:  I was unaware at the time of production just how scarce the discontinued Polychromos light violet pencil was.  If you don’t have this pencil you can substitute with: Derwent Artist, or Studio, Blue Violet lake (27), Luminance pencil Ultramarine Violet No 630 or Lyra Rembrandt’s light violet. If you don’t have access to any of these you can colour lightly with the delft blue pencil and use the white pencil to blend it in.  I can’t see a good substitute in Polychromos but then I don’t have the full set so I could be missing a pencil that makes a better match.  I apologise for anyone experiencing this problem. I don’t understand why FC would cancel a colour that has no compatible alternative. colour.

In the meantime please enjoy…


  1. Mari Brady

    Hi Peta:

    All your tutorials are worth waiting for and we realize how much work goes into them. Your efforts and those of your husband are greatly appreciated. I still struggle with foliage (when there’s a lot of it) so hopefully you can pick a picture from Magical Jungle one day and show us how to make the picture harmonious. Your other tutorial with the snow was stunning. Thank you as well for recommending the 30th Edition of Exploring Color Workshop. That’s been a huge help. You’re a great teacher.


  2. Amanda

    I have found out they took also a blue pencil out of production i realy try hard to order both of em the purple and blue. Just because i like to have em all,

    1. Melissa

      What blue was taken out??!! Having a mild panic attack lol

  3. Lo

    Peta I don’t know which of your sites I heard you say or write you might sound crazy saying you have a voice telling you what colours to use in your brain so I’ll just reply here. I used to write short stories, poems and books and I know of many authors who have a muse in their heads talking to them so nope you’re a brilliant artist who does what many brilliant artists do in varying fields.????Mine even tells me what colours to pick up with no practicing them until I saw you teaching me to practice on paper first. I’ll take advice from the best so I’m doing the practice on paper first. Saves a crappy result ????. I adore this harpy and it’s now today’s WIP as I finished the metal man. I want to say many many thanks for all your help.????

    1. Lo

      Oops emojis don’t work. Ignore all the stupid ????

  4. Lo

    Oh I screwed up again :(. This is not the harpy page and let me add I’m not one of the brilliant artists I wrote of. I need my morning coffee :))

  5. Melissa

    Hi Peta. The Art Shop in Bayswater ordered the last 200 of the light violet , so they have stock. They are online, or you can make a trip to their shop (highly recommend!!)


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