Mythomorphia Snow Scene

Here is my first double page spread in Mythomorphia.  I chose this snow scene primarily because I was a bit burnt out with working in yellows, oranges and reds.  I wanted to do something in cool tones and this picture fit the bill.  I loved getting out my blues and giving them a real work out… they have been ignored lately and they are, after all, my favourite colour.  I had a lot of fun experimenting before hand with colour scenes.  I went for a sunset again as i wanted to use lemon yellow as a highlight to make everything pop against the blue.  Colouring the pine trees were a bit of a puzzle at first but after playing around I came up with a combination of colours and layers that gave me what I was after.  I have filmed a tutorial on colouring those trees which hopefully will go up in the next few weeks.  (Hubby has a bunch of videos in the queue waiting to be edited and rendered!)  I also filmed a tutorial on how I colour the snow.

My favourite part of this picture is the frost witch in the picture above.  I was a bit puzzled over what to do with those swirly, magical lines.  I finally decided that gold and silver metallic gel pens were the way to go so I traced over the lines with them. I decided to make some mysterious, glowing lights inside the cave next to her.

I loved the yeti’s although they were a puzzle to colour.  I think they’re supposed to be white but there was so much white in this picture I decided to give them a ‘Summer’ coat of brown.  I particularly like how the iced over stream turned out in this pic.

Other favourite bits are the snow bunnies and, of course, the castle.  The large owl was the last item I coloured as I wasn’t sure how to go about doing her.  I wanted her to be white but still stand out against the snow.  In the end I rendered her with lots of light pink as well as cool blue to give her  more of a purplish hue.  She’s still white, but not the same white as the snow.

The pencils I used where my favourite Faber Castell Polychromos pencils. I find this paper isn’t the best for them and it’s a bit difficult to get more than 3 layers of pencil on it.  I prefer to use my set of Colleens as they seem to work better in Kerby’s books.  But I don’t dislike the result, I just found it took a little longer to achieve the results I was after.  I also used my trusty white Signo Uniball white gel pen, a gold and silver gel pen and a touch of my Wink of Stella pen glitter pen on the witch’s dress and on the castle… although that doesn’t show up in the photo.

I have filmed a review of Mythomorphia which is currently in post production.  hopefully it will be posted soon.

The full picture. 🙂


  1. Mari Brady

    Absolutely stunning! Snow scenes are my favorite and you have done another masterful job. Your talent really is amazing. Thank you for sharing this.


  2. Ana

    Hello from Spain! This is amazing! It’s my favorite of all the pictures you’ve ever coloured. So whimsical! I loved your interpretation of the Child Princess of Dagdrommar too 🙂

  3. Rebecca Carter

    Wow! Absolutely gorgeous Peta 🙂 The colours are amazing. You have such a talent and produce breathtaking pieces of work. Thanks so much for showing this to all of us.

  4. Melissa

    So excited on the snow tutorial!! It always stumps me how to colour white things! Awesome work as usual!! Was wondering….are you able to do a tutorial on how to make a galaxy sky? Looking forward to all your youtube videos ????

  5. Opal

    I love this!! I’d love a tutorial on snow!! ????????????

  6. rmorales

    Wonderful work on this! I’ve learned so much from you! Would love to see the tutorial on the trees!


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