New Video Tutorial: Colouring the Grasshopper in Sommarnatt.

New Tutorial Series. YAY!  (Link included in this blog post.)

I’ve released the first part of a new series of tutorials on my YouTube Channel.  This time I’ve picked the Grasshopper picture in Hanna Karlzon’s ‘Sommarnatt’ to colour. (Summer Nights’ in English… it doesn’t matter which version you have it will work the same in both.)

The most difficult thing for colourists, outside of choosing the next picture to colour out of all the deliscious range of books you’ve accumulated, is picking the colours.  This can be a huge road block that interferes with the pure enjoyment of the process of colouring.  I guess that is what makes colour-alongs so much fun… you don’t have to pick the colours because that part has already been sorted for you.  And there is no disgrace in that.  You’re colouring because it makes you happy and whatever method or tools you use is just right for you.

But what if you want the freedom to choose your own pictures AND be able to confidently select and place your colours by yourself for your own original work.

My intention with this video series is not only to give you all a fun experience colouring a picture along with me but PRIMARILY wanting to teach you how to be more confident in choosing the colours for your own picture by showing you an easy technique that you don’t need an arts degree to use.  For this purpose the first video will show you a way to set up and plan the colours for your chosen page in easy to follow steps.  I have been playing with colours for decades so this part I can do in my head and visualize the colour schemes there. When I browse through uncoloured line art my brain often flashes me images of possible finished versions fully coloured! But I understand that this isn’t the way everyone’s brain works.  So I have externalized my process to show you some easy ways to pick a colour scheme and plan a picture before you begin to colour.  With a plan sitting right next to you and all the major colours picked out you can confidently colour your picture knowing that the colours you’ve chosen and where they are placed are going to work.

Note that no actual colouring occurs in this pic.  That fun will start in Part 2 which I am almost finished filming. 🙂



  1. Lynn in Colorado

    This is such helpful information. Thank you!

  2. Mari Brady

    Dear Peta:

    Thank you so much for what you’ll be doing in this tutorial. Coloring, for me, has become such a special hobby. I love learning using your tutorials and seeing the picture come to life. The only thing that took away from the joy was choosing colors. I don’t know why but it stressed me out, which considering what’s happening in the world, makes no sense. But there you have it. Thank you for understanding that aspect of the process, though, and helping us. This is why we missed you. I can’t wait to start learning more about color combinations.

  3. Samantha G

    This is a BRILLIANT tutorial. I was a graphic designer for 35 years and used thumbnails to present ideas to clients, but never thought to use them this way in my own coloring. I just went on pinterest and spent about an hour downloading color schemes, trying to push myself to choose colors outside my box. Thank you SO much for this. I can’t wait for the next video!

  4. Ikke is a website full of the color combinations. They listed them out in all types i can spend hours and hours watch al the combinations they come up with.

    Welkome back peta, i realy missed u. Its lovely to hear your voice again in your awsome tutorials! Thank you.

  5. Uli

    thanks so much for this brilliant tutorial. this will help me a lot to decide on colors more relaxed. even got the book after watching your video so I am ready for the coloralong. I am learning so much from your videos and loved doing the jellyfish and the duck pond. thanks a lot for all your work for the coloring fans

  6. AnnW

    Bought the book and am waiting patiently with pencils in hand! ???? Today I will check & see if I have Millie Marotta’s coloring book. I think you have done wonders to inspire people to color & help artists to sell coloring books. You are a fabulous artist & teacher, I am so happy you are back! ????

    1. AnnW

      I don’t understand why all these question marks appeared, I didn’t placemthem there!

  7. Maria Varga

    Hello! Swedish bluebells actually has almost exacly That color That you ar coloring them in! Maybe a little More blue… and the things in the middle ar withe or yellow/withe. I’m glad that you are back at YouTube with you’re videos! Always nice to watch! Thank you!

  8. Tony Boyd

    Hi Peta, I’ve been following your colouring of the grasshopper and am now collecting the colours i need to have a go at it with your help, I’ve come across a problem i can’t seem to find 2 colours which you use, one is naples ochre and the other one is green yellowish, both polychromos, I’ve looked everywhere to no avail, can you comferm i have the right colours please, i would like to start and finish as you have. Thank you for all your inspiration, I’ve only just started adult colouring to keep my head busy, i have got Parkinson’s disease and my wonderful wife is now buying all she can get her hands on, bless her. I would be most greatfull if you could help
    Kind regards


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