Forth Picture from the Jasmine Becket-Griffith Colouring Book.

I’m not addicted… honestly I’m not.  I can control it anytime I want to.  At least that is what I tell myself when I am selecting my next picture and my eyes drift longingly to my Jasmine Becket-Griffith book sitting above my desk.   Sometimes you find a book that just dots all the ‘I’s’ for you and I think this one is it for me.  I have other favourites (too many!) but JBG’s book just does it for me at the moment.  So here is my forth picture from this book.  Jasmine’s original acrylic painting featured this waif in dark, murky greens and browns… very beautifully rendered as is all of her work.  But I wanted to see her in bright pale colours so this is my take on her line art.  I particularly like the glass wings and I’m thinking of using the same style of colouring to do the Butterfly in Magical Jungle.  I also like the way the greens and browns have merged on the ground beneath her so I’ll be using that colour combination again. (If you do something you like save an example with notes in a sketch book to refer to later!)  Oh and this was coloured with Prismacolor pencils because I think they work well with this paper.

But there are a bunch of other books on my shelf crying for some pencil love.  With my other colouring commitments mounting up it’s time for me to shelve these girls.  Currently I am almost finished filming part one of my Magical Jungle tutorial.  I hope to have that up in the next couple of weeks.  And I have a bunch of other books to review so expect a glut of review videos along with the tutorials.  I will be doing a Jasmine Becket-Griffith tutorial next where I will show you how I do the hair and skin and the folds for these girls.  (And feathers if I pick one of the angels because feathers are fun.)


  1. BigT

    Great, as always.

    I understand coloring book compulsion. Right now, I have a nice little one going on Daydreams. I make myself work a page in some other book and then I have to go back to work a page in Daydreams or I’m just not happy.

  2. Rachel

    Absolutely gorgeous! Love the colour scheme and especially the wings. Can’t wait for the tutorial in this book, which I haven’t dared touch yet. Hope all is well with you and your family. Love reading your posts.

  3. Janet Bennett

    Love this one! The color combinations are right up my ally. Wings especially are wonderful. Thanks for posting.

  4. Jon Rodríguez

    Please do the tutorial

  5. nasreen

    She looks like she is glowing. It is amazing! I have had this book since may but have only done one page, I am a bit intimidated though by all the awsome colouring. I used your skin colouring tutorial from dagdrommar and it came out quite nicely but would love another skin tutorial, perhaps another shade or skin tone

  6. Lo

    This is just gorgeous. I have the book but I really need your help to get the girls colours right so I can’t wait for th videos.
    Daydreams is my addiction at the moment,

  7. Vane

    Happy New Year!!!! I know this an old post but can you do a tutorial for the hair and wings Please ?


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