Review: Jasmine Becket Griffith Coloring Book.

Hello, back again.  I’ve had a major distraction these past few weeks that I won’t go into here.  But I thought it was high time that I make time to show you what I’ve been getting up to in the moments i have time to color.

So here today I have a book that was sent to me (along with a few other goodies) by the wonderfully generous lady Tiffany Sergio for my birthday earlier this year.  (I’ll show you the other fantastic book she sent me in a future review.)  This one is the Jasmine Becket-Griffith Coloring Book showcasing the artwork of the amazing artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith and her iconic big eyed girls.  Jasmine has taken her original artwork and converted into line art for us colourists to enjoy.


The books, funnily enough, was printed not so far from where I live at a printed house in Glenwaverly just east of Melbourne, Australia.  I thought it was rather funny how this particular book has had a trip across the ocean to the US and ‘back home’ again. 🙂  The book is well made with medium thickness ivory coloured 150 gsm paper in six sewn signatures… no problems with pages falling out here.  The cover is plain brown card with a full colour dust jacket featuring 5 photographs of Jasmines work merged with the plain line art… an excellent resource to get you started with picking colours. The paper feels of a nice, high quality which work well with both Prismacolors and Polychromos.  There is a decent amount of resilient tooth and I have made up to seven layers of colour without a problem.  Although I must add, though I haven’t personally experienced any issues a colouring friend of mine had a problem with one of her pages from the the book.  In one spot while colouring she found the paper starting to bubble… think of how a blister forms through shearing friction.  It sounded to me like the the thin skin of the paper was lifting up due to pressure from the pencils.  As I said I have not experienced this at all with my book and it is possible that there was a fault in the paper on that particular page of hers.

The pictures all feature big eyed, fantasy girls, many with wings.  She features pictures from her Edgar Alan Poe series… girls with raven wings, butterfly girls, bat winged girls and girls keeping company with bony skeletons, baby dragons and wolves.  The contrast between the sweet, child-like figures and the dark atmosphere makes for a interesting colouring experience.

I haven’t explored wet media such as watercolour pencils in this book yet so I can’t comment on how well the paper would cope with that.  The pictures are single sided which means you could use markers although the backs of each picture has information about the facing picture so you may need to test your markers and gel pens in an inconspicuous spot before committing a page to them.

I am quite happy with pencils in this book for the moment.  The pictures I have done so far have been mainly with Prismacolor because I can get a darker richer colour with them then most other pencils and I think the darker look suits the subject matter.  The picture above is the first piece I attempted.  Jasmine calls this one the ‘Princess of Bones’.  I made a point of not looking at her finished paintings prior to colouring it as I wanted to create a new, unique colour scheme for the picture.  I had a strong feeling for purples, blacks and reds contrasting with the yellow/brown bones.  This is one of the few very satisfying pictures i have done that has turned out pretty much how I originally envisioned it.


The line art is of excellent quality and the print is nice and sharp against the paper.  Most of the pages feauture full sized images but there are a number where she has broken down the page into four individual panels with smaller versions of her pictures for quicker colouring.


I have started another picture in this book that I’ll give you a glimps at.  This is one from her Loup-garou ( French for ‘werewolf’) series that also feature in this book.  I’m using contrasting lighting: yellow and purple, for a dynamic effect.  I’ll post the finished pic when I’m done.


In the meantime if this book interests you then you can purchase it here at the Book Depository website.  this book as well as her second book ‘Halloween’ is also available at Amazon.


  1. Lo

    Wow. Just another wow. As usual Peta. You’ve done a wonderful job and this is a book I’m adding to my collection.
    Thanks so much. I hope all is calming down for you.

  2. Ginny

    I picked this book up a little while ago. It’s quite whimsical with a hint of macabre. I was hoping you’d record a color-along at some point because yours truly are the easiest for me to follow and get great results. As always, your coloring is awe inspiring. Well done! /cheers

  3. Chris Sadler

    I hope all is OK now. You have been missed. Wonderful work as usual.

  4. BigT

    I am thrilled to see your review of this book. I have this one and Halloween. Aren’t they great? I can’t wait to see what else may come out by this artist.

  5. Lilian Alves de Oliveira

    Oh! I just love both books by Jasmine Becket-Griffith. Happy that you got one. You’re pictures are amazing!!! You could think of teaching us how to color the bones/skulls. It’s the most difficult part for me… I’m really struggling with it… ?
    Thank you so much and happy coloring!!

  6. Janet Bennett

    Thank you for taking the time to post this review. Hope all is well now. These pictures are well beyond my artistic ability, but you have given me a new way to see and appreciate the world around me. I am new to coloring and have learned so much from your website and videos. Thanks again!

  7. Carrie

    This book was one of my first colouring books. Well, first good quality colouring books. The first three books I got I was brand new to the adult colouring world and just grabbed them based on the picture, and now I don’t even entertain them anymore because of the poor quality and thin paper in them. Some of the pictures are pretty cool but I hated the paper. After this one (Jasmine’s) I started seeking out much better quality paper such as Johanna Basford’s and then started locating all you wonderfully talented colourists on youtube. I too had (so far) one page in Jasmine’s book where I pushed a little too hard to get a nice dark black and the paper tore. I don’t really blame the paper but the cheaper colouring pencils I was using. I’ve since purchased Prismacolor pencils and have had no problems and am using multiple layering. I haven’t tried w/c or inktense nor any other media for that matter. Just the pencils.

  8. Denise

    Hi Peta,
    I hope everything has worked itself out. You have created another exceptional colouring page. You have absolutely given me something to be exited about these days. I haven’t been this excited since my husband was still alive and he died 16 years ago. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help in making my colouring better than it was. I hope I haven’t embarrassed myself, but I needed to thank you for my smile and being genuinely exited about something.

  9. Robin

    I hope everything has calmed for you or will do soon.

    This book has been sitting in my wish list on Amazon actually to purchase for my daughter. But now I think I’m going to have to order 2 copies of each. I can’t wait to see your finished “Loup-garou” it looks absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for all you share with us Peta. All my best <3

  10. Paula

    So beautiful! Your work always inspires me. I love your colors choices, the final results are stunning. Thanks so much for your review. I’ll have to put these books on my list now. I hope all is well with you, Peta, and that things have settled down for you. Happy to see your post. I missed you. 🙂

  11. Natalie hawker

    Hi Peta! So glad to see another post, I was starting to get nervous. But I couldn’t help but think that maybe your so busy because you could possibly be working on your own coloring book. Hmmmm just a thought. Anyway hope things are going well and can’t wait to see some new stuff from you.

  12. Ashley (aka Killed Lettuce)

    I recently discovered you on YouTube a few weeks ago and I love your videos and am now following you on Instagram. I hope you’re able to find time to make a many more videos. I’ve been coloring since before it was cool and I thought I was really good (just because I press hard to get rich color) but I understand more about shadow and light because of you. To be blunt; I now know that I stink at coloring. That’s a good discovery-not a bad one. I’m trying really hard to improve but it’s difficult. Your videos help a lot and your Australian accent is a nice bonus ;). Please keep the vids coming!

  13. kate

    Hi Peta 🙂 I hope everything is settling down for you and all is well.
    Thank you so much for doing the reviews and colouring of Jasmine Becket-Griffith’s books and pictures. I just love her work, as I can relate to the pictures so well when I am moody lol
    I have finally got my main books I wanted in my colouring collection, all of Johanna Basford’s books, and Summer Nights by Hannah Karlzon. I am hoping to receive Day Dreams by her next week sometime, then I can follow your tutorial on the girl with the skin tones and hair. I struggle so much with that, it is my nemesis and I just don’t seem to get it right.
    I really must cut back on my purchases … well, maybe after I get Jasmine Becket-Griffith’s books 🙂
    Keep up the great work Peta, we all love your work and appreciate the time and effort you put into it and we all learn something.


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