Video Review: Magical Jungle…. and an update about future videos and a ramble about stuff.

Just a quicky.  My impromptu Happy Mail and video review of Magical Jungle is now up on Youtube.  You can find it below.  Also the next installment for the Lost Ocean Jellyfish colouring tutorial was in it’s final render last night so I will be checking it today and if nothing has broken I will be uploading it onto YouTube.  In other news I have selected the picture I will be doing for a colour along in Magical Jungle and I hope to have the first part up to coincide with the launch of the book in the second week of August.  There is a tutorial for combining markers (alcohol) with coloured pencils using a picture from one of Hanah Lynn’s books.  This one isn’t a colour along but a demonstration of a tecnique you can use in your single sided books and goes for about an hour or so.  This one is next slated for editing.  We haven’t forgotten the 8 pencil review.  Phew… this one is taking a long time.  My hubby has thrown many many hours into this one so far and it was heart breaking to have to start from scratch with new video editing software.  I am so sorry, I know this one has been widely anticipated.  It takes around 30 hours of work and rendering time for these very complicated videos and my hubby and I both have normal jobs (Hubby is a software systems developer and I am an RN) so i know you all understand and we are still working on it.

I have been reminded about my Snake Charmer picture in Dagdrommar, the one I used for the face and hair tutorials.  Some people are waiting for another video colouring that page before they continue so i will also look at continuing this series inbetween the other stuff.  Don’t worry if you have already finished it.  I didn’t intend to film tutorials of the whole thing so you haven’t made a mistake.  The elements in the picture: mushrooms, plants, are repeated throughout Hanna’s book so the tutorial will still be useful to you.

What else… there are several book reviews set to be done.  I am currently working on the ‘Greece Colouring Book’, a gorgeous Greek themed book which is slated as my next to review.  (Not including a couple I have already filmed which will appear first). There is a fantasy lady book ‘Spirit Fantasy Coloring Book’ by and Australian artist and two books very kindly sent to me by Tiffany in the US: ‘Debbie Macomber Come Home To Colour’ and the ‘Jasmine Beckett-Griffith Coloring Book’ which I am ITCHING to start in.

BUT everything is on hold at the moment as I finish my first picture in ‘Magical Jungle’.  My muse has decided that I must add a stone work texture to the area surrounding the parrots.  So it is going to take a little longer to finish.  I REALLY need a clone of myself or three to do all the things I want to get done.  I just want to say here I do not EVER suffer from boredom (well… waiting in waiting rooms may count but I always take emergency drawing or colouring gear with me packed in a shoulder bag) EVER in my life.  I am the sort of person who always has to be doing something and always has at least three things that she either wants or needs to do RIGHT NOW.  As of this exact moment I want/need to: walk my dogs (it’s Winter here but the weather is quite calm and sunny this morning), put the dishes away from last night, vacuum the lounge room, put on another lot of washing, colour the Magical Jungle picture I am working on, colour the Greek picture I am working on, start the picture in the Beckett-Griffith book I have chosen, finish the long outstanding Lost Ocean picture (one of the ones with the teensie details I’m using fineliners on).  Prepare the next part of the Jellyfish tutorial which will be a discussion about backgrounds, have breakfast because I haven’t eaten yet, chose and organise something for dinner tonight and sort out and fold the washing I brought in last night.  And i have work tonight so sometime in all that I have to have a nap.

Anyway, I better make a start with that list.  Hope you enjoy the video… please excuse the gushing in it, I was a little excited. 🙂


  1. Sonia

    Phew!! What a busy woman you are!
    I think I can tell for everyone here that we understand that sometimes it could be long before your next post, but it so understable!
    Just a thanks to you (and your husband) to take time, so many time for people you don’t even know around world by posting your wonderful work! You probably have an angel soul, along with fairies fingers!
    Congratulations too for being one of the 30 Basford’s favorite colorist, you so deserve it!! And just by curiosity, what is a RN? I’m not really familiar with English. With all my respec from Abitibi, Québec, Canada

    1. Chaypeta (Post author)

      Hi Sonia. RN is short for Registered Nurse. And thank you. 🙂

  2. Lo

    You poor things Peta and Hubby. So much work to repeat. I wish there was enough from YouTube and Patreon that could keep you doing it solely as your day/night job. Those parrots are simply gorgeous as usual. I am stoked that you are going to do a tutorial on alcohol markers and pencils. I just finished one using copics and gel pens from La Lumina by Cristina McAllister that you did a review on. Loved doing it with such bright colours on such fabulous drawings.
    Lucky me won a fabulous auction on 90 copics at less than half price and they’re new to boot! I have had a ball paying with them but would love to learn from you Peta. I have now overtaken our entire lounge room and like you there is no way I can keep still or go one day without colouring.
    Again your talent floors me and thank you to your husband for all the work he does. We tend to forget the people in the background:)
    BTW I did bite the bullet and get 72 Prismas as well as I found them for half price. I have a knack for getting the best prices for some reason so let’s see how they go next to the chromos. Hopefully I don’t get a box of ones that break:(

    1. Chaypeta (Post author)

      Good on you, Lo. What lucky finds… you have a nose for this. I LOVE my copics. one day I’ll do an update with some of my old copic work from Terinu. They are the medium that I really cut my colouring teeth with and worked out my style.

      1. William

        I really enjoy your colorings. However, it sure would be nice if you would leave a “one liner” in the comments section of your drawing of the “Numbers” of the Prismacolor pencils you are using for a particular coloring. I guess that would also apply to all colorings.

        1. Chaypeta (Post author)

          Hi William. I will if i can but I find i use so many colours and when i get into a piece I simply forget to note them down. I can try to remember specific colours if anyone asks for them.

  3. Paula

    Loved your flip through of Magical Jungle, you so deserve that early copy! 🙂 I’m excited to get my copy next month, weee. So beautiful what you’ve done so far with the parrots. I smiled at your to do list because mine are always really long too! Hope you make a good dent in it. We all need more hours in the day, don’t we?

    So looking forward to the videos you will be uploading too. I especially can’t wait to see Part 2 of the jellyfish and also the 8 pencil review. I’ve been keeping my eye out for that one. Please don’t apologize for the wait though. We are all very lucky that you so graciously share your talent us. Whenever they’re ready, we’ll be waiting. I can only imagine how time consuming all of it is. A million thank you’s for all share with us, Peta. It’s always a special treat when I see you’ve uploaded a new video. 🙂 (Thanks to your hubby too!)

  4. Kyralae

    Oh my, you have a lot on your plate! Have to say a big thank you for all your YouTube posts and blogs. It’s nice you share yourself with the coloring community. I have learned so much and get excited when I get the notice you have posted on your blog or YouTube. My coloring has come a long way and your recommendations for color books and tools have been spot on. I have been doing like you showed in each of my books…experiment on the back pages to find the best brand of pencil for that book and paper before I dive in to color. That has helped me so much.

  5. Phyllis Stuart

    I really agree with all the great comments above. We all love you & your hubby, Peta! You are both so generous with your time & talent. I got tearly eyed right along with you when you received your copy of Magical Jungle. My favorite colorist is recognized by my favorite coloring book artist! How cool is that?! You definitely deserve it. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to all the projects you have planned for us especially the jellyfish color along & Magical Jungle. The parrots look great by the way! I can’t wait to get my copy of the book next month! Yay! ? ? Treat yourself good & take care of yourself. We don’t want you worked to a frazzle.☺?

  6. Ang

    And maybe if you ever get the time/energy, you could do a tutorial using your Tombow markers. I’d love to see some of your techniques, as I am a beginner.

    PS – I work 3rd shift in a hospital toxicology lab here in the US – I totally understand trying to get stuff done during the day, but don’t forget to sleep 🙂

  7. Ginny

    Wow, you’re a busy bee! I loved to hear your gushing – quite adorable. If you drew a coloring book that ended up selling 15 million copies, would you quit your job to do art full time?

  8. Denise

    Hi Peta,
    What a beautiful start. I can’t wait to get my color book. I thought I was a good colorer until I found you. You are definitely teaching me great techniques. My wish list at the art supply shop has grown considerably, it’s just a good thing my birthday Is coming up. However while I’m waiting I’m practicing. Thank you for all of your tutorials, I hope you will do more of
    them. ?

  9. Tracy

    I really enjoyed this review and your excitement at the book 🙂 I’ll be watching for a lovely UK COPY through Book Depository which has become my go-to source now for coloring books. (I just got my UK copy of Imagimorphia from them which is SO much higher quality than the US version).

    I hope you get a preview copy of Joanna’s Christmas book as well so we can start drooling early 🙂

  10. Diana M

    I love your videos. They keep me company and I really appreciate all the work that goes into them, plus you do such a wonderful job. Thank you so much. Thank your husband too 🙂

  11. Paula Puffer

    I am excited to get my copy from the Book Depository. I splurged today and ordered the 72 set Inktense pencils. Luckily I do the finances so my hubby doesn’t know what I have been up to. I look forward to seeing your work in the book. And BTW I love parrots so this book looks to be right up my alley.

  12. Mari

    Dear Peta:

    Thank you so much for Part 2 of the jelly fish tutorial. I’m excited to start that tomorrow. The last thing you need is to look at another coloring book but I came across a Swedish one illustrated by Maria Trolle called Blomstermandala filled with flowers and animals. It’s beautiful and whimsical. I don’t see it being sold in the U.S. yet but I loved the pictures and immediately thought of you when I saw it.

    Thank you and your husband for all you do.


  13. Chris S.

    I love your videos and always look forward to them. Don’t stress – we are all so grateful to you and your husband for all you do to bring these videos to us. Your work is wonderful and I always learn from you. Thank you.

  14. Sandra Harris

    I second all of the previous comments. What else can I add except another big thank you for your hard work and dedication, hubby too !

  15. Rebecca

    I have *long* wondered how you fit all your colouring, art work, filming, real job, family life in! I *wish* I had half your organisataional skills, energy and enthusiasm!!!! I’ve mostly been working from home over the past month and I don’t manage a fraction of this yet still seem to need more hours in the day!!!!


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