Imagimorphia: Getting My Mech On.

Challenge time!  I recently downloaded an app for my Computer created by YouTubist Jazza.  It’s a art game app called, appropriately ‘Arty Games’.  the purpose of the game is to give you random prompts to get your creative juices flowing in time limited sketches.  But for the purpose of colouring I’m mentioning the app here because of one of it’s interesting functions, namely it’s random colour picker.

When you open the app you have the option of ticking the boxes of the colours you have.  At present it is limited to Copic markers and Prismacolor pencils and I don’t know if there are plans to extend that range.  Still, that is good enough for me as I have a good range of both of these items.  Now the fun bit begins.  Selecting either the markers or the pencils you can elect the app to randomly choose between one and five colours for you to use.  What a great way to get out of the trap of using only a small range of familiar colours and forcing you to become creative with unfamiliar colours!

I was after a challenge so I decided to use the app to pick my colours for me and match them as closely as I could to my range of Derwent Inktense pencils.  I made a vow that whatever colours it threw at me I would stick with them.  I did allow one concession for myself.  I would let the app pick four of the colours and I would personally select the fifth as the best one to go with them.  I figured that way if I had a really unbalanced set to deal with I could even it up a little.  I also chose the picture before hand: one of the mechs in Imagimorphia.

With great anticipation i hit the ‘go’ button and watched my colours emerge.  The colours were selected from the Copic mark range so i matched the results as closely as I could and I got:

Tuscan Red


Green Aquamarine

Paynes Grey

Eep… all really strong colours.  Buuuut they should work fine with this picture.  For the final colour I picked a warm one to contrast with all those cold colours: a bright sun yellow which I would apply with a Prismacolor pencil and a Micador Aquamarker.  I decided to use a white gel pen and a white Luminance pencil for highlights.  Armed with only these I got stuck into my mech creation.


Note the little penciled cone in the top left hand corner to remind me of where the light source was coming from.

Payne’s grey turned out to be an excellent colour for metal as I happily anticipated.  I merged the two brightest colours: the violet and the green aquamarine for the shiny armour plates and the Tuscan red for the other bits and bobs.  I used the yellow pencil to create a glow around the yellow lights and the aquamarker to dot them.  As I went along I added white gel pen for all the shiny bits and the white pencil to lighten areas i had gone to dark in.

The mech took around 4 hours to finish but it didn’t feel finished.  After some debate I added a colour gradient background in yellows and oranges with polychromos pencils to make my mech man pop.  I know that wasn’t strictly within the rules of my challenge buuut I am the artist here and I wanted to. 🙂  (Just imagine i mixed the Tuscan red and the yellow… I didn’t but just pretend I did. 😛 )


The orange background is deliberately scribbled in in layers to add to the feeling of movement and drama.

I am VERY pleased with the outcome.  It was great to play with colours I would never have naturally chosen and I will certainly be doing this again.  If you are interested in taking a look at Jazza’s app, it is available for a modest price for PC, Android and iOS and you can find it here:

Jazza’s Arty Games! (PC App)


  1. Sandra Harris

    Brilliant job on this Peta. I started this but left it as I wasn’t that happy with it. This inspires me to go back and look at it in a new light.

    1. Chaypeta (Post author)

      I saw what you did with the other mech and loved it and I must admit it might have inspired me a little bit to attempt my own. 🙂

  2. Chris Sadler

    Ohhh! I love a challenge. I love how you inspire your artists (and they are artists) to push themselves a little bit further. Love your work and openness. A joy to be part of your international art club.


  3. BigT

    Hi Peta,

    What an interesting app and what fantastic results!

    Coloring could become very challenging, very fast.

    It’s really too bad Imagimorphia and I will never be friends, but I admire the work you do in that book.


  4. Katrina Turner

    I downloaded the iPad version of this app, works great with regards to the colou choices, you tell the app what size set of pencils you have and it adds that set to the database then randomly selects the colours.

  5. BigT

    It was the look of this page and the swans from the last post. I kept looking at the swans, then this page, and my resistance just crumbled.

    I have no willpower.

    THE SWANS MADE ME DO IT. That’s a little like the devil made me do it.

    I now own both Animorphia and Imagimorphia two books with artwork that makes my eyes twitch like they can’t decide where to land on a page. I hope the effect dissipates as I begin working on individual pages or I’m going to have a tough time with these two books.

    1. Chaypeta (Post author)

      Oh dear… I’m an enabler. 🙂 One little suggestion… if you feel you are going cross eyed switching colours constantly with all the little details then pick a limited palette and work from those with the occasional rogue pencil when you need it. It will save your sanity. 🙂

      1. BigT

        Thanks for the advice. I will try that on the first page I pick to work on.

        When I finish with Picadilly Circus in Magical City, I’m going go try one of the pages from Animorphia. I haven’t decided which yet.

        By the way, I checked out your Magical City pages in the gallery. It was fascinating to see what completely different color choices you made for most of the pages I’ve completed so far.

        Can’t wait to see more.

  6. Shilpa

    I really wish they would add polychromos colors though. That’s the only set I have at the moment and I’m happy enough with them, don’t even want to think about getting anything else (other than open stock). It would work for the pencils, watercolors, pastels and pens!

    1. Tracy

      OK, so I have an idea here. If you just want to randomly select colors, then why not just make a list of the polychromos pencils you have, assign each one a number from 1 to __ and then use or another random number generator?

      I started thinking about this option as Peta was describing using the app for color generation 😉 I’ve got prismacolors, but also polychromos, so seems like a way to make it work with anything (like Inktense too).

      1. BigT

        Hmmmm….I have a random number generator and also several sets of economy pencils that I really like but that only have numbers, no color names. You give me ideas. Thank you.

  7. Ysabel Art

    Hello Peta

    i have this book but I do not remember this drawing!
    I am appreciative, I love the colors used for the robot

  8. Royce Day

    “Colorful art is the right of all sentient beings!”
    -Optimus Primary Colors

  9. Sro. T

    brilliant, love what you created with your colors

  10. Jo Wood

    Hi Peta, I thought I had he full set of inktense (tin of 80) but I don’t have a green aquamarine or a Tuscan red, are they the names of the inktense pencils you used or the names they threw at you and you then matched them to your inktense? If so can you tell me which actual inktense pencils u used please? I really love the way it turned out and those swans wow! You made me do it lol I have only done one page in animorphia and I have so many colouring books now I don’t think I could fill them all if I live to be a hundred lol thank you so much for your tutorials and tips I’m still a complete NEWB but I feel it’s starting to come together and definitely been helping with my depression xxx

    1. Tammy

      The colors she listed were the colors THE APP GAVE HER. She then tried to match those colors to the pencils she had. She did not list the exact colors of the pencils she used, again, she tried to match the colors the app gave her. She did not name the Inktense colors she used. Here’s a suggestion:look online for a color chart of the prismacolor pencils. Then, look at the prismacolor chart and find the colors listed. Next, choose your pencil colors yourself by matching (somewhat, as best you can, as Peta did) the colors on the prismacolor chart to the pencils you have.

  11. Alain

    Hi Peta. Didn’t the paper warp with the water?

  12. Jennifer Lori

    Peta, I’ve been putting off asking this question but since you went ahead and mentioned your light source… can you one day do a mini tutorial (doesn’t have to be video or pics, even just text, I’m easy LOL)on how you do your lighting/highlights? I don’t mean on some color/lighting theory ‘THE RIGHT WAY’ to do it, but how YOU do it? I’ve watched your videos and I love the way you leave areas uncolored to show highlight (especially at the edges of leaves/characters/etc) and I’ve tried in my own copy of Animorphia but I find as I move around the image I get confused as to which parts to leave uncolored. This gets especially confusing when dealing with an object that has a more complex shape than a basic leaf or rock or something. It would be awesome to see a post that delves into that a bit further!

    1. Chaypeta (Post author)

      Hi Jennifer. I understand. I’ll see if i can think of a way to make this a bit easier for people. It will probably take the form of a blog post with some pictures. Watch this space.

      1. Jennifer Lori



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