Inktense Tutorial Part 3. The Magical City

Part 3 of my Inktense Tutorial using Lizzie Mary Cullen’s Paris picture in the colouring book ‘The Magical City’ is now up on Youtube.  In this episode we finish colouring the building.  Enjoy!


  1. BigT

    Just wonderful. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this looks completed. I’m eager to try some of this, if my copy of the book ever arrives.

    Thank you for the information on the future Cats video.

  2. Nido

    Hi Peta,

    I very curious on how much time everyday did you spend letting your artistic mind loose?

  3. Melissa K

    So excited! My book should be arriving today! 🙂

  4. Paula

    I’m so happy to see this up! I’m in love with what you’re doing in this tutorial (the building looks amazing!) and so pleased with how mine is coming out. I’m especially happy that I’m learning to use shadows and highlights to good effect. It makes everything come alive. Thank you so much, Peta!

  5. Karen Rachelle

    You make it look so easy!

  6. Claire

    I only finished part one today, and have done half of part two and already I’m amazed how brilliant my attempt looks. Especially the leaves, they look brilliant. Thanks Peta for teaching me so many techniques that I can (hopefully) apply to other pics. You are truly inspirational. And I’m loving the inktense pencils. Wasn’t sure about them the first few times I used them, but I’m a real fan now, probably because your videos have showed me how to use them properly! 🙂

    And I’ve got my 70 year old mother watching your videos. She doesn’t colour (although I’m trying to convince her to) but she thinks you are wonderful.

  7. Beverly

    I love your work Peta. I am learning so much from your videos. My technique with Inktense and colored pencils has improved exponentially! When will the final installment of this page be posted? Can’t wait!

  8. StevenTherrien

    It is so rewarding to watch and follow along with someone who has such a great passion for what they are doing. I have learned so much about coloring with colored pencils, first going through the duckpond series and then this one in the magical city book. I just wanted to tell you that you not only have a talent for the arts but you are also a very talented teacher and mentor! The way you patiently guide us is extremely helpful and encourages us to strive to create beautiful things. You’ve also cost me a lot of money, LOL, everything you do makes me want to go out and buy all the materials I need so that I can strive to do it also. I also appreciate the work you put into your videos, they are the best I have seen on YouTube for this sort of thing. They are produced very well with the combination of real time and speed drawling overlaid with relaxing music. I do my own videos and realize how much work goes into creating something of this caliber. So if your husband is the brains behind the video production kudos to him too! Thanks again for your beautiful work and I hope you will do more of these three and four part series devoted to a single project.

  9. Linda aka ronjja76

    Wow! This is by far my favourite colouring toutrial. I have come to love my inktense pencils!
    I hope you’ll do more of these tutorials 🙂 Thx for sharing with us! xo


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