Video: A Walk Through of My A5 Art Journal.

Are you curious to see what else I do besides colouring?  I am posting a series of videos to show case some of my other arty adventures starting with this first one.  I walk you through my A5 art Journal from the past year and let you know some of the techniques I’ve used to create it.  This will show a mixture of different mediums from pencils to acrylic paints, spray inks, watercolours, Inktense pencils and ball point pens amongst a few other things.  Enjoy.


  1. Sandy Wedmore

    Darn there’s some nice work!
    Very talented indeed.
    Always wished I could draw, but it just doesn’t come to a level of where I feel content. Thankfully there’s other ways of being crafty, just like colouring books!! ?
    Look forward to admiring your great work!

  2. Paula

    I enjoyed this so much, Peta! I love seeing everything you’ve done, you’re so creative, it’s really inspiring. I’m excited to read this is going to be a little series, I can’t wait to see more. 🙂

  3. Teresa

    Thank you Peta, I wait every day your posts. That is a great and nice job. Congratulations!!!

  4. Laurence28

    You are so clever !!

  5. Ysabel Digital Art

    I love your personnal art, thanks to share with us!

  6. Clare Friend

    Thanks for sharing this. I love dragons and faries and would love to see you do a coloring book or pages. I would buy them in a minute. Love your work and enjoy seeing what else you do.

  7. Carrie

    I saw this video the other day on youtube and I loved it! I have been hunting down art journal videos a lot lately and I’m looking for more journals like this one. Most of the ones I’m finding are art journals that are more on the crafty side of art where they’re using scrapbooking type detailing and creating lovely pieces using ink stamps and all kinds of things to create beautiful pages. I have to say they are quite gorgeous, however, I’m still looking for ones that have more drawings and paintings in them. That’s more what I do. I tried my hand at scrapbooking before and I kinda suck at it. I don’t have the patience to cut things out and use stamps etc and when I do I can’t seem to get them to resemble anything that looks like art or at least art that someone would want to subject themselves to. I just want to draw and paint so I was wanting to check out some other journals like that. This one of yours has a bit of both and it’s gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  8. Vanessa

    Thanks for sharing you work Peta! I was really looking forward to this video. I would love to hear and see more of your muses that inspire your work.

  9. Barbara

    You inspire me to keep on trying new things . Your attention to detail and your eye for colour always impresses me . I look forward to all your videos .

  10. Rebecca

    I think it is a brave thing to do to share your personal art journal, to share your thoughts. Intriguing and beautiful. Thank you, I enjoyed a peek into your world. I agree with other comments. I’d like to see your name on a coloring book as the artist. Go for it! You already have a following.

  11. Trinity

    Wow! That gold dragon is fabulous! You are such an inspiration!

  12. Tracy

    Thank you for giving us a peek into some of your artistic talents! I had wondered what a “visual journal” might look like since I bought the Strathmore VJ book to record my colors like you suggested. I’m blown away by all the different techniques you use!

  13. Lo

    You’re an inspiration Peta.
    Thank you for all your videos and commentary. I’ve learned so much.?


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