Beautiful Creatures Prize Draw… We Have A Winner!

Six weeks ago I announced a competition here on La Artistino for a new edition of ‘Beautiful Creatures’ a gorgeous book filled with greyscale pictures of different animals, insects and birds.  This book was kindly given to me by its creator Nicole Stocker to give away to one of my lucky readers.  Last night I drew a random number from all 300 plus eligible entrants and the winner is….

Lucy from the Czech Republic!

Congratulations Lucy and thank you to everyone who entered.  It was very interesting reading all your responses and finding out which books are being loved by the people in this community.

As you can see I have added my latest picture from Beautiful Creatures to the top of this post.  It was coloured using Faber Castell Polychromos pencils and this time I caught all of the process on film.  Expect to see it soon as a speed colouring on my YouTube channel.

In further happy news Nicole has informed me that she has a second grey scale book currently in production and slated to be released later this year.  Great news for all you greyscale colouring fans.  I know I’ll be reserving a copy and when it arrives (and I have played in it) you will see it here on La Artistino.

For more information about Beautiful Creatures please visit the Huelish website here:

Huelish Website


  1. Kathleen

    I would love to try the micador pencils. I know if you recommend them they must be great. Hope I may be a winner.

    1. Chaypeta (Post author)

      Sorry Kathleen. You’ll have to post in the Micador Competition thread (the one before this one) to enter. Our software will only collate entries from that post.

  2. Kathy Tookmanian

    I love coloring with pencils and would love to try the Micador set!

    1. Chaypeta (Post author)

      Sorry Kathy. You’ll have to post in the Micador Competition thread (the one before this one) to enter. Our software will only collate entries from that post.

  3. Nido

    Congrats Lucy. So envy of you, hope you have fun with the book as much as Peta does.:D

  4. Susan

    Congratulations Lucy. Hope it gives you many happy hours of coloring.
    Hugs from Tasmania.

  5. Lílian Oliveira

    This coloring is gorgeous!!!

  6. Basia

    Congratulations Lucy.

  7. Tracy

    I’m looking forward to the speed coloring video on this – the finished effect is quite stunning!

  8. Paula

    Wow, so gorgeous, Peta. Beautiful job, as always. Also, congrats to Lucy for winning a copy of Beautiful Creatures! 🙂

  9. Jo Wood

    sorry NEWB question what does grey scale picture mean? how is it different to normal colouring books?
    I sent you and email the other day but I know how busy you are, but basically I would like to know what single Derwent artist pencils you recommend? as I want to build my collection up, I currently have the Tin of 24 Derwent artists pencils. I also have the large set of Polychromos but I know that some of the Derwent artist pencils are nicer shades etc. Would be so grateful if you could recommend some. I know I def want the DA sky blue.
    These are the colours in the tin 0f24 that I have
    Deep cadmium
    Orange chrome
    Deep vermillion
    Rose pink
    Crimson lake
    Imperial purple
    Light violet
    Spectrum blue
    Prussian blue
    Kingfisher blue
    Mineral green
    Emerald green
    May green olive green
    Golden brown
    Copper beach brown
    Ivory black
    Blue grey
    Chinese white
    Thank you for any recommendations you can give me.
    Sorry to be a pain when you are so busy
    ps keep up the good work I simply love your tutorials haven’t found anyone else that comes close to you for helping a NEWB learn to colour. Loving the duck pond, Loved the first Inktense one on the Eiffel tower and cant wait to start the paris one when I have finished duck pond but I am only just starting part 2 of the duck pond 😉

  10. Chaypeta (Post author)

    I LOVE that Kingfisher blue! lets see… it depends on what you are colouring. I like the ‘water green’… there doesn’t seem to be any other pencil quite like it… it’s a VERY light green that i love to use when colouring sea water that is close to the surface. Burnt Carmine is a really nice rich dark reddish brown that makes great shadows with things that are basically pink or red. The Chocolate is a super rich dark brown. Juniper green is a lovely soft smokey cool green that is perfect for trees in the distance. i love the Pale Vermillion… basically the vermillion but several shades lighter. Magenta… is a must! You just can’t mix that super bright dense pink any other way. Dark Violet is a super intense dark purple colour. The colour range of the Derwents is my favourite colour range out of all of my pencils.


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