Eiffel Tower Complete.

The finished Eiffel Tower picture from Lizzie Mary Cullen’s ‘The Magical City’.  I worked with the light sources being the two street lamps and the window and cast all of my highlights and shadows based on them.  I think it worked well.  After some debate I made the central flower white with magenta tips and lots of sparkles to make it the focal point of the picture.  This picture took several months from start to finish.  Sometimes it just takes a while for the right idea to bubble to the surface.


  1. Fenny

    Wow this is great, wonderful….. Thank you for sharing

  2. Paula

    So gorgeous! I was going to attempt this one last week with my Inktense, but I chickened out. 😮 Instead I’ve been practicing using my Inktense in my “practice” coloring book. I devoted one cheap coloring book solely for practice when I started using adult coloring books. It’s humorous to look back at it as the my colorings in it are quite dire. lol. (Thankfully I’ve improved!) As of now my Magical City book remains untouched, but that will change once your tutorial goes live. Can’t wait. 🙂

  3. Theresa Petermann

    you made the picture look so fun. thanks as always for sharing.

  4. Dina

    Thank you Peta! I really needed to see how this page ended up. You’re still my “Inktense training wheels”. I don’t have enough confidence to try any of the pages on my own yet. Looking forward to your tutorial on the following Paris page too – I’m ready!

  5. Karen rock

    Just sent for the Inktense pencils and The MagicalCity coloring book today, Happy Mothers Day to me!!. Can’t wait to get them and get started. Thank you so much Peta for all you have taught me.
    Happy Mothers Day”

  6. Monika

    I am also finishing off this page, which I had abandoned after my first try with watercolour pencils and then continuing with regular pencils (which didn’t turn out too well either…). I have now gone over the regular pencil sections with watercolour again and it won’t look nearly as neat as yours, Peta, but given the fact that I had already considered it ruined, I am quite please with the result all the same.

    I am now following your tutorial of the other Paris page (thank you for identifying Les Invalides!) and I feel that I have already learned a lot and I am getting the hang of those inktense and other watercolour pencils. I am now sold on using them in this book, so thank you. 🙂 Oh, and I am getting used to those crinkly pages too, I think. LOL

  7. Linda aka ronjja76

    Good evening from Sweden!
    I love your work and all your amazing videos 🙂 I’ve learned so much since I started following you on YouTube – thank you.

    How do you colour the background in this picture? Have you used the inktense pencils or polychomos?

    1. Chaypeta (Post author)

      This picture was completed almost entirely with Inktense pencils. They were used for the background. And thanks. 🙂

  8. devaucheles

    very well drawn what is the number of blue pencil to heaven?
    thank you

    1. Chaypeta (Post author)

      The pencil I used was Inktense ‘Peacock Blue 0820’.

  9. Cynthia Rosiek

    Please, I’m new to coloring/painting. How did you do the background in this picture? And, please, what colors did you use.. Any help would be apopreciated.

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