Child Princess, Dagdrommar.

I call her the ‘Child Princess’ from Hanna Karlzon’s Dragdrommar.  Coloured with Faber Castell PolyChromos which I have now organised in their very own Trans pencil wallet.  No more sharing with my Inktense pencils.  They have been moved to their own wallet.  Each wallet has room to complete the sets.  One day I’ll own all of them. 🙂


i used a single Micador ColouRush gold pencil in combination with a few Polychromos for the gold crown and chair.  i think it’s become my new favourite way to colour soft gold colours.


  1. Melvina Grose

    Beautiful Talent Peta. She definitely looks like a real princess. Lovely just lovely.

  2. ManColour2

    Hi from Canada.
    I love this picture. My wife has just ordered Dagdrommar for me so I am looking forward to it. I have to add that Pencils have something in common with Pokemon, ‘Gotta Catch’em all’ I just got my set of Micador ColourRush(36), a friend in Oz sent them to me along with some Stylist Brush Markers. Also if you did not know they will send orders over $300.00 AUD for free anywhere in the world.
    love your YT keep it coming.

  3. Elisabeth

    I’ve been following you for a while now, both here and on youtube, and I know that you own a LOT of different colored pencils. I personally love the FC Polychromos, I love the feel of them. I also have like 24 Derwent Artist colored pencils (I think I lost a few though, haha). I’ve heard you mention in a youtube video that you also love the polychromos but you love the color range of the Derwent pencils. I was wondering which colors you would recommend the most to “extend” my color range in the Polychromos full set? I’m really open to any type of brand you could recommend as well, as long as the colors differ a bit from the polychromos range.
    I love your work and your coloring technique, you seem very, very knowledgeable on this subject and I couldn’t find any information online on this matter.
    Hope you have a wonderful day and keep up the amazing work!
    Lots of love fra Norway 😀

  4. Dawn heald

    I love this,awesome. Especially how you use the purple and yellow together on the dress. Please could you do a tutorial on colouring dresses and clothes at some point? X


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