My Desk Invaders.

Some people have asked to see my work space so my hubby sent out a pair of investigative reporters.  (One of them might just be responsible for some of my pencils having bites taken out of them.)


  1. Claire

    Cute 🙂 What are their names, Peta?

  2. Chaypeta (Post author)

    The pale one is Emi… she is a ruby eyed champagne ‘rex’ (her coat is very dense and soft and slightly curly). A mischievous little fuzz ball who steals items from around my desk and hides them behind the monitor. She’s a real cuddler and likes to sit on my shoulder. Aiko is the black and white hooded ‘down under’ which means she also has a black stripe going down her belly to match the black stripe on her back. She’s a little bit shy and it’s taken some time and care to get her to come out of her shell. Having her paired with Emi has been great as she has learned from her friend that humans can be trusted.

  3. Tracy

    I love them! I had wondered who/what was responsible for the pencil nibbling 🙂

  4. Lana

    Wow! Isn’t it Inuyasha standing there?! This character (and his cool big bro) made me fall in love with manga!
    Peta, thank you so much for all your tutorials! Each of them is revelation to me. I can’t find words to describe, how inspiring are your videos and finished pictures! Please keep up your beautiful work. Thank you.

    1. Chaypeta (Post author)

      Yes! I first fell in love with Japanese manga reading Rumiko Takahashi’s Inu Yasha translated into English. Then I saw the anime. Happy happy happy! The inu yasha doll I found on a trip to Melbourne. He’s a beauty… one of a 5000 limited special edition doll fully articulated so I can pose him any way I like. He also has a transformed version of tessaiga to hold as well as the worn edition in its scabbard. I wish they made a Sesshomaru version but sadly I’ve never been able to find one.

      1. Lana

        Aahhh… So gorgeous! As for Sesshomaru, even here in Japan quite simple PVC doll is now sold by collectors for unbelievable 500$ (USA)…
        By the way, Inuyasha manga was my first adult colouring book back in 2003! I bought additional Vol. 1 just for colouring in it 🙂

  5. Mari

    Emi and Aiko are so cute! They remind me of one of the pictures in Animal Kingdom that I Just colored. Thank you for sharing them with us. Animals bring so much joy.

    I can’t wait for the third video.


  6. Lady Alice

    They’re so cure! I used to a rat, he was all white with ruby eyes, his name was Mephisto. I was so sad when he died that I just couldn’t bring myself to get an other one… they have such short lives 🙁

  7. Lenka

    Aaaaa. They’re soo cute. I used to have rats as well, only male ones. They’re so much fun, so clever and cuddly. But they always peed on my PC mouse 🙂

  8. Chris S.

    They are adorable. So much fun to watch them scurry about your desk. Thank you so much for the videos. I am really learning a lot and look forward to your videos. I am really enjoying the duck pond video series.

  9. My kitty

    Ewwww. Not sure how I feel about this. Always thought rats where scary creatures but these look cute. Have say this but your husbands voice is.. I would make him talk all day long so sexy

  10. Jessica

    Rats are one of my favourite animals! I used to be scared of them when i was little but now they’re one of my favourite animals! Also i enjoyed watching your rats scurry on your desk it was so cute!

    Nice desk i wish my desk was as neat as yours! My desk just has colouring pencils, sharpeners, erasers, colouring books, markers and oil pastels everywhere!


  11. Paula

    Thank you for this glimpse at your work space! I loved seeing it and as a huge animal lover I’m totally in love with Emi and Aiko. They are so cute! Now I know who is responsible for those little pencils bites in your cream pencil. 🙂 I love your Inuyasha doll too, what a treasure.


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