Video Review: Let It Go

I have several colouring books online waiting to be reviewed.  Today I’m going to look at this one created by Sherise Seven, a Los Angeles based artist who has privately published her own work in colouring book form.  She has done a clever job of it: This book combines colouring with several pages dedicated to doodling prompts to help you de-stress and warm up your colouring hand.  She has also included several sort after features often asked for in adult colouring books.  For instance, the pages are single sided prints… no loosing the picture on the other side to bleed through.  Also each page is perforated at the spine to allow easy removal.  And, best of all, she has cleverly incorporated a removable protection page at the back that you can place between the pages you are currently working on to protect the page underneath

The paper is quite thin, about photocopy paper thickness and doesn’t take water media well as I found out when I used my Derwent Inktense pencils on this mermaid drawing.


The paper buckled and was left permanently wrinkled.  but that doesn’t bother me and I had no problem colouring with pencils once the paper had dried.  I completed this picture with coloured pencils from my budget sets and they worked fine.


Next I tried gel pens on this doodled kitty.  No issues here although there was some bleed through to the back of the page.


I couldn’t resist colouring in this cute patchwork page.  This one was mostly completed with my beloved Micador ColouRush pencils, some old Fun Stuff pencils along with a few artist quality pencils just to see how well they behaved.  The paper takes the pencils as well as any nice photocopy paper would and i had no issues with simple layering.

If this book interests you further then check out my YouTube video which will give you a more in depth look at it. (See below.)

This book was given to me for the purpose of reviewing it.


  1. Lona Raymond

    Hi Peta,
    I just turned 73 yesterday. I mention that only to say that I’m an oldster who is going on a new adventure along with you. I was given a copy of The Enchanted Forest plus a set of pencils for and early birthday present and its opening a whole new world for me. When I first started to turn the pages of the book, I felt quite overwhelmed and I did not want to start coloring like I did as a child. So I started to watch the myriad of videos on the subject on You Tube. I found that many of the folks who have made videos seem to just want to share their personal stories, almost like in a “chat room”. They actually spend very little time actually giving tips and helpful hints. Then I found your website.
    I think of all the videos I’ve watched, yours stand out from the pack in that you actually have a plan, and you teach me what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. I also like that you talk about what books and supplies are out there, your reviews of the products and what I can expect to pay for them. I find that many of the videos contain no dialogue whatsoever, and you get to sit there and watch as someone colors. I find that quite boring and I can’t seem to sit through them. Since I’m still on a learning curve, what I do is watch you coloring and listen closely to your tips while I sit before my computer coloring along with you. If I miss something I simply back up the video and watch it over again. This is taking a long time to tell you that I love your videos and will continue to follow you. I want to personally thank you for putting so much work into creating such beautiful, well-thought out, professional videos.

    1. Chaypeta (Post author)

      Thank you very much, Lona. I’m glad I’m hitting the marks I made for myself when designing these videos. I saw that many videos will give you the basics of how to colour, and many are simple speed colourings… which are fine if you already know what they’re doing and can pick it apart. But I felt new colourists needed a hybrid of these two types of videos to get the full picture and this is where the idea for this series was born.

      1. Lona Raymond

        Hi again, Peta.
        I wanted to tell you that after I finished coloring in the first page of Enchanted Forest, I used your method of using pastels and rubbing them in with makeup remover pads to create a lovely background. My pastel-colored background was like adding the frosting to the cake – it perfectly completed the picture.

  2. Kate

    Your mermaid colouring is beautiful. Another lovely work- thank you for sharing. ?


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