Colouring Tutorial: Using Light and Choosing Colours for Dynamic Results!

Are you curious at how I went about colouring in pages in Animorphia.  Like to have a go yourself?  Here’s my video explaining how I go about colouring in this book using budget priced pencils, in this case my beloved Micador ColouRush pencils along with an old set of kids Fun Stuff pencils.  You can use any coloured pencils you have to recreate my techniques demonstrated in this video.  This video does have a few hiccoughs… one or two brief out of view moments and a piece I had to show horn in because i forgot to do it at the time (The sound quality changes slightly as I added it in the editing program with a microphone instead of my camera mic picking up my nattering as I usually do it.)  It’s another LOOOOONG video, over 40 minutes, but I think you’ll enjoy it.

Remember you can use these techniques in any of your colouring books, not just Kerby Rosanes work.  if you do try them send me a link to the finished pictures.  I would like to see how effective i am at teaching this stuff and I’d LOVE to see your colouring.


  1. Donella

    PETA, thank you so much for this tutorial! I am a huge fan of your work and needed this because I am in learning stages still. awesome work!!!??

  2. AnnW

    Thank you for another great tutorial!

  3. Melvina Grose

    Another WONDERFUL YouTube video. I am so grateful for all the valuable information on how to gain the same effect you are able to create. I am so very excited to get started. Thank you Peta for another wonderful YouTube tutorial. I am so excited to see what more videos you will make next. Love your channel.

  4. Marie-Christine

    Really useful tutorial! Thanks a lot Peta!!

  5. Ingrid

    Dank je wel, Peta!
    Hier kan ik mijn voordeel mee doen!

  6. Jo Gosa

    I love your work. You are so talented. I’m enjoying the videos so much. Do you have a place where you discuss what pencils and supplies you like?

    Thank you so much

  7. Jo Ashton

    Thankyou for easy to understand amazing tutorials, I could watch them all day! You have given me the confidence to try pieces I otherwise would never have attempted!
    Well done


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