I get a fair amount of questions  about the types of erasers I use, in particular the Derwent electric eraser that flashes across the screen during my speed colourings.  So I’ve created and uploaded a video onto YouTube which covers the lowdown on all of my erasers.  Enjoy.  (My husband decided to keep in some of my sillier rambling during the editing process… that usually gets the chop in most of my videos.)



  1. Nichola Feeney

    This was probably one of your funnier videos for obvious reasons. 😉

  2. Eden

    Loved the commentary ! Obviously we call them rubbers here as wellin NZ and I think I would of messed up heaps more than you did ! Good video for the right reason as well, taught me about something that I didn’t know I actually needed to learn about, many thanks 🙂

  3. Marcia

    Very helpful! Thank you.

    Here is another one you might like to try.


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