Colouring Tutorial and Color Discussion with Enchanted Forest.

My latest video is up.  This time I am colouring at normal speed a picture in Enchanted Forest while answering some of the questions I’ve been asked about choosing colours.  I also discuss my process for colouring and the kind of rambling that goes on in my head while I’m going about it The entire double page took around twenty hours to colour so this video will only show a small segment of that.  I hope you enjoy it.  If you’d like more videos like this, with my colouring at normal speed and chatting about what I’m doing, answering questions etc. just let me know on the video or in the comments section below.

Colouring A Forest.


  1. Melvina Grose

    I for one would love to see more videos like this. I loved to hear you ideas and the how to’s that you think about when you are coloring. I found this very helpful and inspiring. I hope to see more of these types of videos in the near future. It felt like I was coloring right next you and having a conversation with you. I loved this video. Thank you

  2. Robin Reed

    I 100% agree with Melvina. This was so lovely and inspiring. I also felt as though you were right here with me coloring and chatting. I learned so much watching and listening, you have such a calming and pleasant voice. I’ve had some some trouble with my shading and watching you in this normal speed has helped me immensely. I do hope you continue with this type of video in the future. I for one will be right here with you. Thank you Peta for taking the time to share this. Cheers!

  3. Nikita

    I would love to see more of these videos. I love having a coloring video on while I am colouring, it is very pleasant and inspiring watching/listening to your videos

  4. Catherine

    Thank you for posting this!! Inspiring to see how you go about your magnificent coloring skills 🙂 Hope to see more techniques and videos from you 🙂

  5. Fay wein

    This was awesome,,hope you do more like this.

  6. Pandore

    As Melvina ! I would love to see more videos ^_^

  7. Marsha

    Would love seeing you color that tiny bunny!

  8. Ann W

    YES! More please I love to see you coloring in real time & the ramblings that go on in your hea, I have learned so much from you!

  9. Sirius

    J’adore regarder vos vidéos, vos coloriages sont magnifiques, merci pour les explications.

  10. Denise Copeland

    I am new to adult coloring and absolutely love Johanna Basfords Enchanted Forest. I would love to see more tutorials like the duck pond series. I am learning so much. Thank you for teaching.

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