Happy New Year! Enchanted Forest Deer Head Complete.

Happy New Year everyone.  I hope you haven’t broken too many of your new year resolutions yet. 🙂  Hope you all had a very arty holiday season.

I had a great arting day yesterday.  The weather was less than roasting.  I holed up under the air con at my desk and got a few pictures completed.  Feeling accomplished!

First off was the deer head double spread from Enchanted Forest.  This picture was a bit of road block for me.  I chose to colour Enchanted Forest in sequence from cover to cover without skipping a picture (or rarely skipping a picture… okay so I broke that already) and I was determined to finish this one before moving on.  My problem was that I could not settle on a colour scheme and, quite frankly, the picture didn’t motivate me.  At one stage I was going to make it completely monochrome in browns.  Then I though Chrismassy in deep reds and dark greens.  Finally a couple of days ago I decided to just wing it and see what happened.  I’m glad I did.  I surprised myself by REALLY enjoying colouring this one.  I rarely got stuck on a colour choice as there was always an idea for what to colour next while I was working on it… a rare thing for me.  I could just get into it and enjoy colouring it.

In the end I decided to stay away from blues with the exception of the cool greens to make the picture pop.  I experimented with some new colour combinations which I’ll use in future pictures.  The deer was a bit of a hassle… in fact the whole centre line proved very difficult to work with.  I had to have my pencils very sharp to get into the dip between the pages.  That poor deer head.  There was nothing I could do about him disappearing into the fold so I did my best to make him look good with a natural fur texture.


Second page. Sorry about the bad lighting… this side is as bright as the other in RL. My phone camera didn’t cope well here with the florescent lights.

Once coloured I finished off the white space surrounding the spread with some muted brown pastels rubbed in with a makeup remover pad.

My favourite parts of this picture would have to be the colour choice of black thorns contrasting with the reds and the oranges at the base of the deer and the little bird.

The next picture I want to attempt in this book is the next double spread forest scene.  I have only the deer and the birds on the next page not done so far but I might leave that as i want to design a background for it first.



  1. Sabrina

    Really gorgeous! Please do more pictures of enchanted Forest!
    Greetings from Germany and a happy colouring new year 😉

  2. Melvina Grose

    This is so very beautiful. I look forward to every post and video that you make. After looking at this picture it inspired me to create a curled edged birch bark background to give it more of a rustic woodsy feel. I am already studying birch bark photos on the NET to gain knowledge on how to draw it. I plan on using some of the techniques that you gave me in the tutorial of Lost Ocean’s wood paneling for my Enchanted Forest stag colouring page. I am currently patiently waiting to afford the color pencils I want to use before staring my coloring in my Enchanted Forest. So once I get them this will be my first go to page so start. Once I finish I would love to share with you the outcome if you are interested. I so can not wait to start.
    Thank you for so much inspiration you feed me on your art abilities. Your work makes me so excited to color.

  3. Chaypeta (Post author)

    Hi Melvina. Thanks for the compliments. I would love to see your finished pictures. What pencils will you be purchasing, if you don’t mind my being nosey?

    1. Melvina Grose

      I do not mind at all. Since watching your YouTube videos, I have written myself out a long shopping list of materials that I am so excited to purchase but is taking a long time to get there. Those items are the Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils, Durwent Inktense pencils and the Durwent Artist pencils. I am so very excited to be able to purchase all of them, but I am most of all the most excited for the Polychromos. I have been daydreaming about buying them since your first coloring pencil tutorial you posted a while back. I am so excited to see more videos and use your techniques on my own works of art. I can’t wait to get started.
      Your artist admirer from Minnesota, USA

      1. Chaypeta (Post author)

        Nice! Polychromos are the pencils I recommend above all others. Good choice. They lay down beautifully in Enchanted Forest. You won’t be disappointed.

        1. Bridie

          Did you get the beautiful intense blues, greens and pinks using the Polychromos? 🙂

  4. Rosh

    Thanks so much for letting us into your world. I’m new to the colouring books and have got myself a set of Polychromos and the Enchanted Forest book. Your videos are truly inspiring. Hoping to get my 84 year old mother interested as well.
    Also great that you’re from Australia and referring to supplies we can get here. I’m from Melbourne.
    Looking forward to many more inspiring posts and videos.

  5. Petra May

    Hi dear Peta, is there a part 4 for the Duck pond? Thank you for your amazing tutorials. You are a great teacher.

    1. Chaypeta (Post author)

      part 4 will go up next week end. (I’ve just finished filing it but it takes my husband about 12 hours to edit these… they’re quite big to render.)

  6. Mary domoracki

    Hi peta
    I am so inspired by your colourings and would love to see more of your tutorials. I worked through the duck pond and was really pleased with the result. Do you have a tutorial for the stags head, this one is really beautiful. Am afraid I get a bit overawed by some of the pictures and am unsure of what colours to use

  7. Cyndee Pelley

    Hello Peta! I’m a big fan of your tutorials having learned about you from Stephanie Bergeron at DeliberatelyCreative.com. I’m so glad I visited! Your tutorials are having a big impact on my coloring and art in general. I’m excited about your coloring competition which I hope to enter. I’ve got prismacolors but am really wanting a set of polychromos and now I desperately need to try the Inktense. Thanks for all the great info and lovely art!

  8. Karen Holm

    I am looking at your picture with the deer head double spread from Enchanted Forest. Please tell me what pencils and colors/numbers you used for the rust/orange/gold leaves. They are so bright and eye catching.

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