Works in Progress.

I often get asked if it’s better to concentrate on one picture at a time or is it okay to work on many pictures.  I guess it all depends on your individual personality.  I’m easily bored so I generally have anywhere between 2 and 8 pictures on the go at the same time.  If I tire of one, I’ll switch to another.  If I want to to use gel pens for a change I’ll pull out a picture I’m using gel pens in.  If I want to paint with Inktense pencils, I’ll grab out The Magical City.  If I want to concentrate on something I want to turn out really well I’ll go to ‘Enchanted Forest’ or ‘Lost Ocean’.  If I want to colour something realistically I’ll pull out ‘Wildscapes’ and if I want to just mess with colour then it’s ‘Peace and Calm Colouring’ or ‘Colour me Calm’ from the Really Relaxing series.  there are other alternatives to all of these catagories but at the moment these are my main go to’s.

So I thought you’d like to see what I’m working on right now.

My latest picture is from ‘Enchanted Forest’.  I have been keen to get back to this beautiful book.  One of the draw backs of buying ‘Lost Ocean’ is that I really want to continue with EF but now I’m torn between the two.  I’ll probably alternate with them as they both equally call to me.  This double spread with the stag head is a bit of a puzzle for me.  I don’t have a definite colour scheme for it yet but I’m thinking I might stick to oranges, yellows, muted pinks and greens with browns and see what happens.  As the picture is mirrored I’m doing both sides at once and, departing from my usual practice of starting at the top left hand corner and working my way across I’m just picking out and colouring whatever area ‘talks’ to me.


This picture from ‘Lost Ocean’ is one I started as my second picture.  I like how it is turning out but the tiny detail is tiring on the eyes and hands so I do this one in short spurts.  One day soon I’ll sit down and complete the thing.  I’m colouring it with Staedtler fineliners with Polychromos pencils and Derwent artist pencils (mainly sea green) for the ‘back ground’.  I think it needs the internal areas coloured in to make the piece comprehensible to the eye, I think.



This is one of my ‘mess around’ pieces that I’m working in with gel pens.  A simple pattern from ‘The Art of Mindfullness Peace and Calm Colouring’.  Nice, easy, repetative piece good for letting my mind wander.  This one is taking a while as I’ll play with it for ten minutes or so as a warm up before moving onto more serious pieces.



The other main piece that has my attention at the moment is from ‘Wildscapes’, an Australian colouring book featuring all Australian animals.  I love this book.  The pictures are drawn fairly accurately but with enough looseness that they invite creativity with colouring them.  You can choose to colour realistically or make fantasy colour schemes and they both look great.  I’ve chosen to stick with realistic colours in this book.  This page is part of a two page spread featuring three echidnas. (Pronounced ‘eh-kid-nah’) As you can see I’ve printed out pictures from the net as a guide for colouring them.  I love echidnas!  They are native to my area and I often see one or two individuals hunting for ants when I go for bush walks around our local coastal forests.  You have to be very quiet and keep your distance.  The moment one of these fella’s realise they’ve been spotted they immediately use those enormous claws to dig straight down into the soil so that within seconds only their spiny backs are exposed.  Did you know these guys are one of only two monotreme species in the world, the second being the platypus.  Both species lay eggs!  Another cute fact… a baby echidna is called a ‘puggle’.  I’m colouring this page with Faber Castell Polychromos pencils.



This final picture is from Angela Porter’s ‘Color me Calm’.  I started this one and got this far before being distracted by another picture I wanted to start… I think it’s the day I brought home ‘Lost Ocean’.  I actually forgot about this one until just now when I was looking through my books for examples of partially finished pictures.  I’m using this to play around with colour merging ideas… red into peppermint green, pink into cream’ and generally enjoying colouring something small and satisfying… love Angela’s work.  I’m using my Marco Raffine pencils on this one.  The colours are not quite so dense as the Polychromos but I like that too depending on what I’m working on.  Also they are really cheap for a nice quality non-artist pencil with a LOT of colours to choose from.



This is not all of my work in progress.  I have a picture in Animorphia which is currently on the back burner for now.  I have started a little bit of the first elephant picture in Millie Marotta’s ‘Animal Kingdom’, also on Hiatus and the magazine style ‘Colour Me Calm’ has two muck about pictures that I pick at every so often.  So what is your style?  One at a time or lots over multiple books.  Leave me a comment, I’d love to know.


  1. Karlene

    I have the Enchanted Forest and Lost Ocean book as well, I was wondering if you’ve ever taken a page out of the binding (of any of your coloring books) because I find it difficult to really get into the creases and I hate having white lines where I can’t reach

    1. Sandra Morris

      Thanks for sharing your work, it’s so beautiful! I’ve not been colouring long, and initially only had Secret Garden, so started working through that page by page. Then I bought Enchanted Forest, Animal Kingdom, Lost Ocean and became a little overwhelmed by too much choice! I have a few different pages on the go at the moment, mainly using pencils. I have some gel pens but they are not the greatest quality and want to buy some better quality ones but there are just so many out there and nowhere local to me to try them out, so I’m putting in a lot of research before spending

    2. Chaypeta (Post author)

      Hi Karlene. I don’t take pages out as I like to keep the work all together in a book. But I know other people have had their books rebound with spiral binding at a stationary store, or simply remove the binding all together and work on the pages as separate sheets. It’s really up to you. Some books are designed for you to reove the pages such as books from Dover publications ‘Creative Haven’ range. For example… my Creative Cats book.

  2. Nichola Feeney

    Puggle! You learn something new every day. 🙂

    Well, my Tombows and Ergosofts arrived this morning so I’m a bit all over the place at the moment. I’m trying to winnow my pieces down to one at a time…or at least one book at a time, but no go. I currently have seven pictures on the go across six books. A few of them are nearing completion so I’ll be able to put a couple of books back on the shelf soon and concentrate on the pics I have left to complete. I have a couple in fineliners, one in felt pens (markers), another in pencils. I like to have a picture for each medium on the go. Sometimes I mix media — just started a new one, to experiment with pencils on top of Tombows for shading, so thank you for that tip. 🙂


  3. Nichola Feeney

    PS: In Scotland, if someone says “I’m puggled,” or “I’m fair puggled,” that means “I’m (very) tired!”

  4. Deborah Kaplan

    Thanks for your tips. I really learn a lot from your work!

  5. Linda

    Oh, oh! Would love to see something from Animorphia! I love this colouring book! Please share 🙂

  6. Jason

    You’ve inspired me to put away my “wallpaper sample colouring books” as I call them and dive into the more artistic ones. The scariest part is just putting pencil to paper the first time, but I must remember that with quality materials, most mistakes are fixable and may even lead to nicer results than initially intended.

  7. Paula

    Right now I’m watching your new color tutorial and I’m loving it. Yes, I have a few pictures going at once – in fact I started the frog opposite your tutorial picture two days ago! I did look on Amazon for the Wildscapes book you mentioned. I was surprised to find out they want $27.15 for it. I love the echidnas you’re coloring – so realistic – what an amazing artist you are. Funny, when I started I thought there’d be nothing to it – wrong! This 67 year old lady really needed some help – I’m so glad I found you on You Tube – thanks Peta!

    1. Chaypeta (Post author)

      Hi Paula. I’ve found Wildscapes listed on the Book Depository (my go-to place for books online) with the cheapest price considering that it offers free shipping here:
      I hope this helps. It is a lovely book.

      1. Paula

        Wow – that’s fantastic! Thank you so much for looking this up for me! I’ll be keeping this website on hand for the future also 🙂

  8. Eve

    I too get bored easily so I have lots of mini projects on the go. I am in the minority here but Johannas (beautiful though they are) books are too intricate for me. One I adore is magical city, and I like the really relaxing series. I enjoy bits of different books depending on what mood I am in at the time and how much of it I have. I love experimenting with different materials also which is what brought me to this lovely website, thanks for inspiring me, Peta!

  9. Ashley (aka Killed Lettuce)

    Greetings from the USA! Random thought having not much to do with this post…More youtubes please. I’ve watched a lot of coloring videos on YouTube and you are, by far, the best. I’m not just saying that to be nice either. No one else comes close. Looking forward to the next!


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