The Magical City: Little Moreton Hall. Plus bonus Hobbit Holes!

After two weeks cruising to New Zealand and back I’m back into the colouring swing.  I love cruises… we did our first two years ago on Royal Caribbean’s Rhapsody of the Seas.  This time around we cruised on the Golden Princess. This is her docked at Tauranga on the North Island the day we went to…






Any guesses as to my favourite day of the whole holiday?


Back on topic… Being on holidays didn’t mean a halt to my colouring.  Nope nope nope.  Along with my clothes and toiletries I packed up my pencils and three colouring books to keep me busy during the sea days.  My colouring attracted a lot of attention and I spent a good deal of time chatting to others who coloured or where interested in what I was doing.  Best ice breaker for meeting lovely new friends!  And it was a awfully nice to have a crew member get me a cup of tea or something to nibble on while I coloured.


Sitting in the Calypso pool area on Lido deck with my kit.

The three books I brought along were ‘Lost Ocean’ (of course seeing as I am actually ON the ocean), ‘Wildscapes’ as I am preparing coloured pages to get it ready for a video review, and My old favourite ‘The Magical City’.  I managed to get 3/4 of this pic done while on board and finished the rest today.  Little Moreton hall was a two page spread, so here is the second half:


And the whole piece together…


Next project: The long requested tutorial of how I use Derwent Inktense pencils featuring another page from The Magical City. 🙂


  1. Bridget

    Hi Peta,

    I love your colouring and videos and have been following you for a while now – you are a great inspiration. I’ve just started working on Hyde Park from The Magical City using Derwent Inktense – but am finding the paper is rippling quite a lot – any suggestions for minimising this? Or is it normal?


    1. Chaypeta (Post author)

      Hi Bridget. the paper isn’t water colour paper an hasn’t been sized so it will swell and ripple up when wet. the best way to limit it is to be careful with the amount of water you use. My pages ripple a bit but they settle down a bit better when allowed to dry naturally. but they will always stay a little rippled when dry. This doesn’t bother me. You can try flattening the book under other books to try and straighten them a bit better.

  2. Ali

    Hi, Peta.
    Love, love, love your work.
    I was planning to send you an email today, asking about the Inktense tutorial.
    Now, I just read your plans for it as the next project…thank you and can’t wait!

  3. Kenneth Liljengren

    Hi there
    I’ve been following your blog for a while and I find it very informative, thank You.
    Now, on one of the pictures above one can se your “pencil-holder”..
    Do You by any chance have a name or any idea where to get one?
    As I am living in Sweden I can imagine it will take a while for this comment to reach You 🙂
    I also will wish You a Happy New Year, with lots of coloring ahead 🙂


    1. Chaypeta (Post author)

      The pencil holder is made by ‘Derwent’. Some art shops stock them or you can order them on line. I’m pretty sure you can get them through ebay or Amazon or many of the online art stores. Check around for the best prices with the lowest shipping costs.

    2. Camilla

      Hi Kenneth and Peta,
      I’m also follower of your blog Peta and I saw Kenneths question. You can get the extender in Sweden to at—2-pack
      Looking forward to more tutorials and speedcoloring videos using polychromos??
      Happy New Year ?

  4. Ioana

    I cannot wait for your Inktense video tutorial! I love your travel pencils case! What brand is it?

    1. Chaypeta (Post author)

      Hi Ioana. Thank you. I’m afraid the Inkrense tutorial has been delayed due to both the hot weather here and the house being busy with visitors over the Holiday period. I hope to have it up be next week, though. The pencil case is a beauty! It’s a ‘Tran’ made by Columbia Two, Inc. a U.S. company. They come in a range of sizes. Mine is the biggest. It’s a little expensive but its VERY well made. here is an Amazon link to the one like mine:

      Amazon listing for 120 capacity Tran pencil wallet.

      And here is where i bought mine from. It lists the different sizes.

      The Art Shop, Melbourne Australia.

  5. Sandra Harris

    Fabulous colouring Peta, as always. Love the crabs, nice colours. Looking forward to another tutorial. Thank you for taking the time and effort.

  6. Alisa

    This book, the magical cities, with your coloring is a piece of art. This drawings look soooo ridiculously amazing done by you) i would like to see more speed colorings from it, and more updates) i hope you will finish this book someday. Amazing talent

  7. Nancy

    I recently became interested in coloring. I used oridinary pencil colors from Faber Castell and started with hyde Park. i would like to know which type of color you are using. Are those pencils or some kind of pastels? Whixh brand do you use?

  8. Agnes

    Dear Peta! This is real peace of art. A am hipnotised by your work. Could you answer, if white colour in picture is white inktensse or you just leave the colour of the paper?

    1. Chaypeta (Post author)

      I usually leave the white paper bare for white although i also use a white gel pen to add bits of white and sparkles.


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