OMG… I was on the Television!

What a surprise to come home to!  After unpacking aftermy two week holiday I found a message in my in box from a thoughtful lady who sent me a heads up that she saw one of my videos featured on a commercial on channel for a segment to be aired on the Today Show, channel nine, Australia.  The trouble was I got the message five days too late to actually watch it on the television.  My hubby immediately went digging for the video on the interwebs and we found it. 🙂  The piece is part of a ‘trends of 2015’ news item.  (It’s a bit slow to load so be patient.)  The actual colouring article starts at 3:42 so skip ahead to that point on the timeline.

Today Show featuring my art work!

I thought it would just feature a range of different colouring books and colourists but I was gobsmacked to see the entire article showed a segment of one of my colouring tutorials with the casts making comments over the top.  A pity they didn’t do their research a bit better… these are colouring books designed for adults… not the naughty version they were alluding to.  And a pity they failed to name either myself of Johanna Basford as the original artist of the book.  (Also strange that they failed to contact me to ask permission to use my work or even let me know.)  But in any case it was fun to see a bit of me up on the t.v.

The full tutorial of this piece can be found on Youtube right here:



  1. Ilene-Rachel

    They did comment that the way you were coloring the leaves was great! LOL It is strange that they didn’t ask for your permission. I thought that, legally, they had to!

  2. Sandra Van Asch

    I discovered you on Youtube and I have learned so much from your videos. Please keep making them. I am a very new artist and I watch your videos daily for techniques and inspiration

  3. myrna patrick

    hi! i watched your work on you tube and i’m mesmerized by your wonderful art work you had done so i bought my first adult coloring book. I haven’t start yet coz i still have to get my coloring pecils n pastels coz i’m not sure what kind i should buy. Hope you can help me out. So so love to watch your work … they’re all BEAUTIFUL.

    1. Chaypeta (Post author)

      Hi Myrna. I am releasing a new Youtube video this week in which I demonstrate eight different brands of coloured pencils in a colouring book. i hope it will help with your choices. The video should be live by Tuesday.

  4. Kelly Gonio

    Hello Peta!
    I am new to all of this and I came upon this video. I thoroughly enjoy watching and listening to you. I find it relaxing watching you color that I get nothing done myself!! I find the whole choosing colors a bit daunting which takes the fun out of the coloring. Where do I begin? I am no good with choosing colors. Keep the videos coming. Beautiful work!
    Thank you!


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