FOUR NEW VIDEOS!!! Back from Holidays… Did you catch them?

Hi everyone. Hope you all had a great holiday season.  I’m back from New Zealand (I’ll sneak a post about that next).  And preparing to do more colouring videos, updates and reviews.  Anyone keeping an eye on my Youtube account will have noticed that I didn’t leave you all hanging but left 4 brand new videos to cycle up on set days.

The first of these videos was a book review of my 8 (currently) favourite colouring books.  I called these ‘Artist’ colouring books as the art work in each book is produced by artists who are named on the book as apposed to books made from art work by various uncredited artists.  Most of these books are already very popular and there is a reason for that… the quality is excellent and the style inviting.  Not to say that there isn’t plenty of other high quality books out there that I haven’t named.  These are just my current favourites.


Colouring Book Review: Artist Colouring Books.


The next video was created by popular demand.  It is a tutorial on how to make a wood paneling background to add to your colouring page.  This video has proved to be very popular and i have seen a number of great pictures completed by colourists following my instructions.


Colouring Tutorial:Easy Timber Background For Lost Ocean.


Next was another speed colouring from ‘The Magical City,… I love this book and it is my go to book to use Inktense pencils in, one of my favourite colouring mediums.  I particularly love how this one turned out.  I think my choice of sicilian yellow on the horizon contrasted nicely with the deep indigo sky and worked well with the bright green and oranges of the flowers.


Speed Colouring:English Village.


Finally another book review.  This one centered on my ‘magazine style colouring books.  Cheaper than the artist quality book but just as much fun.


Colouring Book review: Magazine Style Colouring Books.

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