Announcement: La Artistino takes a two week break.

Hi everyone.  Hope you all are well and getting into the holiday spirit.  I will not be adding to this blog for a couple of weeks and i won’t be available to answer questions for that time BUT there are more fun YouTube videos prepared so you can still get your colouring fix.  Keep an eye out on my YouTube channel at:

over the coming weeks for new reviews, a new speed colouring AND, by popular demand, a video tutorial demonstrating EXACTLY how I went about creating the timber background for my skull picture in Lost Ocean.

In the mean time here is my 3 Marker Challenge video to keep you going. 🙂  I explain it better in the video but the basic concept is that you randomly select three different coloured markers (usually Copic markers) and using only these three colour in a picture you have drawn.  This Challenge has been around for some time but has recently gained a lot of popularity amongst Copic using artists.  Enjoy.



  1. Sheila mcEvilly

    Wow !! Amazing

  2. Paula

    I love this! And that you created it with 3 markers stunned me. I am pretty stuck on coloring books and couldn’t come up with anything original for the life of me (but wish I could!) – not even with 500 markers – lol. But, I’m an old lady who loves magical, fantastical artwork and books…this is pretty cool.


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