Soho. The Magical City

Updating with a few of my latest colourings from Lizzie Mary Cullen’s ‘The Magical City’.  This one, titled Soho, turned out to be a bit stressful.  I had no idea how to colour it so I started by looking up pictures of Soho.  Most showed it as being a bright, modern, flashy looking place lit by bright neon colours.  Okay, Peta loves a challenge, so I decided to emulate the bright colours reflecting off the buildings.  Half way through I knew I had made a mistake trying to marry the blues and pinks with the dull browns of the buildings.  It just doesn’t work.  Not the way i did it.  So after leaving the picture for several weeks hoping I would be inspired with a brilliant idea to fix this one, an idea which never eventuated, I pressed on and finished it off so I could move onto the next picture.  This is only the second picture in the book which I’m not happy with.  My fault, because the line art itself is fun.  Just bad colour choices and positioning.  We all have our failures and this one is one of mine.


  1. Emma

    For what it’s worth, and with my less critical eye, I think it looks fabulous 🙂

  2. Sandra Harris

    Well I wish all my failures were as good as this Peta ! I haven’t tackled this one yet cos it is soooo busy. I’ve been to Soho and it is not really like this, but hey, eye of the beholder and all that. I will have to give it a go soon, then you can judge !

  3. J.A.

    Hi Peta……SOHO is an avantguard artsy community in NYC, that came into fashion in the late 1990’s. A lot of artists took up residence or opened business’,…..creative souls from everywhere and everywhere. SOHO popped up when Greenwich Village went from “hip,” to friendly suburban urban. Now SOHO is the place to see and be seen. It is where the upwardly mobile and some of the Ultraly Mobile gather. It consists of 100 + year old buildings selling up to the minute everything. The outsides are old but inside you find up to the minute glitz and glamour. Shops range from selling manufactured “samples.” (Fill up a basket and it’s $15+.) to clothes that are so pricey, they’ll make the lowly Fashionista cry. The Candy shop offers treats from the expected exotic candy bar to chocolate covered cornflakes. Outstanding restaurants abound. You may not like your choice of pink, but hey, you caught the underlying essence, including cobblestone streets!

    1. Nichola Feeney

      Soho was used for an area of London long before the one in NYC, and the London Soho is the one featured in this book. Lizzie Mary Cullen is British, so the vast majority of her pictures in this book are set in Britain.

      The London Soho is known for being an, er…red light area. Brothels and p0rn shops to be blunt and if you’ll pardon me for mentioning. 😉

  4. J.A.

    Oh, and thanks for sharing your pieces that don’t quite make the mark. It helps me realize that I’m not alone. Your talent is amazing……..not quite getting there gives me a bit of hope. LOL

  5. Sarah Parnell

    I love your work and find it inspirational. It’s also great to know that you’re human and sometimes make mistakes and aren’t always happy with the result. Thanks for being brave and sharing that with us! (And like the others I think it looks fabulous too…) X

  6. Miles

    If all my failures will look like this, I will be the happiest. Needless to say, you have my admiration! I am a fan!


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