Creative Cats… Coloured Pictures and a Video review!

Back in July one of the very first colouring books I came across online that I knew I had to have was ‘Creative Cats’ drawn by Marjorie Sarnat.  Creative Cats is one of the many colouring books printed by the US company Dover Publications in New York in their adult colouring book line ‘Creative Haven’.  At the time I could not source any Creative Haven books locally and so had to order from the UK.  Fast forward to November and there are multiple shops selling a fair range of Creative Haven books, all of them with excellent art work begging to be coloured.  I have three other books from the range now, including Marjorie Sarnats ‘Owls’.  You’ll see coloured pictures from them popping up in other videos.

I like these books.  There are 31 full page pictures to colour in this one.  the pages are perforated down the spine side so you can carefully tear them out if you prefer to remove your pictures before colouring. The pictures are printed single side only which frees me up to dive in with all those markers that would otherwise destroy the next picture with bleed through.  The paper has a good tooth although it still not as good for layering as other books I have.  I think it’s because the tooth picks up a lot of pencil very quickly in the first few strokes and isn’t interested in picking up much more in subsequent layers.  Pencil people more experienced than I could probably give you a better answer here.  I prefer to use Prismacolors on this paper although I’ve gotten good results with Polychromos and other pencils.  Whatever you have, give it a go.  As for markers… this paper is VERY thirsty and will soak up your marker ink fast.  Be careful with feathering ink creeping over the line art, particularly with alcohol markers. I find it prudent to colour just a tiny fraction away from the line edge and allow the markers to creep up to it over the next few seconds for more precise colouring results.

The above picture was coloured with Prismacolor pencils and a little bit of Tombow marker for the blue background.  You can see a snippet of me colouring this picture on my Youtube channel at:



My Doctor Who Kitty!  I saw this steam punk cat and had to colour it in a Doctor Who theme.  The kitty is a stern faced gray tabby as a shout out to Peter Capaldi, the actor currently playing the latest incarnation of Doctor Who.  I coloured this one with Faber Castell Polychromos pencils, Staedtler fineliners and used a blue sharpie for the background and a red Bic Mark-it for the frame.  You can watch a speed colouring of me working on this page on my Youtube channel here:



May latest picture in this book was coloured in mainly with Sharpies and Bic-Markit alcohol markers along with Tombow markers.  I accented the flat marker work with Prismacolor pencils and also added gel pens here and there.  This book is excellent for mixing up your mediums.  The playful mix of patterns and objects invites lots of creative colour use and you can go crazy with them.

I have posted a video review of this book where I discuss all of this and give you a good look at each of the pictures you’ll find within.  Enjoy!




  1. Sandra Harris

    Just beautiful. I am eagerly waiting for the postman to bring this book. The pictures are so pretty and I love the video of Dr Who cat, very intricate details,I will have to try hard to get to this standard. Thanks for the videos btw, a lot of work for you to do but we all enjoy them so much ;}}

  2. Sandra Morris

    I love the way you have coloured these cats! I bought this book based on your video review and it arrived yesterday. It’s gorgeous, and I can’t wait to start it.

  3. Júlia Maria Devesa Mulder

    I absolutely love your work! It’s gorgeous!
    I really would appreciate if you could make a review of the owl’s book, since I’m a huge fan of these animals. I’d love to know your opinion of the book and maybe buy it after watching the review

    Thank you and happy colouring!

    1. Chaypeta (Post author)

      Hi Julia. Normally I prefer to have a few pictures completed in a book before i review it. But as the owls book is drawn by the same author and published by the same publisher as the Creative Cats book the paper quality is identical. My opinion of the art work is that it’s brilliant. Marjorie Sarnat is a wonderful artist and I am looking forward to her forth book in the series which will feature puppies as the main subject, due out next year.

  4. Natalie

    Hi Peta,
    I love your artwork! And a big thanks for posting all those inspiring tutorial video’s.
    On several video’s where you go through your coloring books, I noticed that all your work is beautiful glossy and vibrant.
    Do you use fixative on all your artwork? What kind of fixative: matte, gloss…. And do you use the same fixative on work with colored pencils as on work with Inktense?
    I’m from Belgium, so the Australian brands we don’t have here and in the shop there are tons of different fixatives, I don’t know which one to choose.

    1. Chaypeta (Post author)

      Hi Natalie. I only use a fixative with pastels although there is no reason you couldn’t use one over pencils or inktense. i use a workable matt fixativ->not shiny->so that I can go over the same area in with more pencils, pastels afterwards. The shiny surface of my art is caused by burnishing with the pencils, a natural result of applying the pencils thickly on the last layer which I tend to do in most pictures to smooth out the texture of the pencils.

      1. Natalie

        Thank you very much for the tips. I couldn’t find workable fixative here in Belgium but saw on an American ( dick block) site that they putted the W&N fixative with the yellow band on the can, in the list of workables. I bought that this weekend and some soft pastels for backgrounds.i tried it out and indeed it works. 🙂
        A big thanks ????

        1. Natalie

          Block has to be blick…. Lol.
          Oh, and thanks for the burnishing tip

  5. Magi

    Hi Peta! I really like your work! You always choose good color combinations and they always turn out perfectly! 🙂 I saw the review of creative cats about 1 or 2 months ago and when i saw it i thought that it will be perfect if i can buy my self one.
    On Friday me and my mum went shopping and i asked her if can buy it and she said yes. I still haven’t started coloring it yet because i don’t have a lot of time but tomorrow i will have time to color something in there 🙂 If you maybe post some other done pages it would be great! 🙂

  6. Phyllis Stuart

    I’ve been wanting this coloring book for do long! I saw it once at Walmart but I didn’t have a chance to look at it at that time. I’ve seen it on walmart online though & plan to buy it one day soon. Thank you again for sharing your opinions & talent. It really helps. Have a blessed day & take care.

  7. Jennifer

    I really enjoy watching your video on how you demonstrate your finished drawing and it turned out really nice and that’s why I think that you are so creative by knowing what colors you are using because it doesn’t have to be pretty or beautiful because you can do whatever you want by using your imagination!


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