Video Tutorial. Pastel Backgrounds and other Mediums.

Since posting  My tutorial on how to add a pastel background to your picture I have received a number of questions asking if certain other media, such as watercolour pencils and markers are suitable to use over the fixative.  I didn’t know how to answer this as I have never tried.  A review of the internet failed to turn up any information so there was nothing for it but to give it a go myself.  And, while I was at it, I may as well video the whole thing so people could so my process.  I chose to test water based markers (using my Tombow markers), watercolour pencils and Derwent Inktense pencils.  Check out the video below for the results.

Pastel Backgrounds and Other Mediums.


  1. cherylkjohnson

    Thank you for showing us, we can also seal our pastels, then color our images with these different products. I have learned so much from you. I appreciate you taking the time to show us how to use pastels as backgrounds and how it to color images.

  2. Kamie Schoonhoven

    Dear PETA,
    It would have been even more helpful if you had used all the same figures to color with these mediums so we could see the difference. It kind of looks like you were pushing one product over all the others as the “lizard” would probably show off any of the mediums better then the turtle or tompin.
    Still thanks for the demonstration. It was helpful.


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