Video Review: Lost Ocean


The long awaited Johanna Basford book ‘Lost Ocean’ is here and so is my video review.  I love this book.  I love the paper (the UK version) the variety of pictures.  My one problem is with so many fantastic books now in my collection which one do I choose to work in?  I hope you enjoy this deep dive review and a peek at some of my finished pieces within it.

Video Book Review: Lost Ocean.


  1. plinta

    i got the uk version but my derwent inktense water color pencil bleeds thru. i ordered mine from aliexpress and i am thinking maybe i should order from amazon uk. sigh.

    1. Chaypeta (Post author)

      That does surprise me as it looks like the paper is thick enough to take them. I’ve not actually tried Inktense pencils in this book so I’ll test them in mine and see what happens.

  2. Annie

    I’m disappointed with Lost Ocean. You mentioned in your video review that she wanted to pitch it at a variety of ability levels but that means the whole book isn’t geared towards any one person – I don’t want a book where some of it is for me and some of it isn’t. I’d rather a book squarely aimed at one skill level. Some of the details in this are so small, I don’t know how anyone can colour them. Totally gutted. Hope the jungle one is better.


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