More coloured pictures. October 2015.

Hi again.  I thought I’d upload a few more of my latest pictures.  These are from ‘The Art of Mindfulness Peace and Calm Colouring’.  I like this book as a casual alternative to my other, more serious, books.  The picture above with completed with Faber Castel Polychromos pencils.  They appear very rich and bright in this book, an interesting contrast to the budget pencils I often use in it which come out less bright and more pastel.  But that illustrates the difference between and artist and budget pencils.  BUT I LIKE using my budget pencils as well and I like the softer look I can achieve with them.  Having harder cores they appear less grainy which finished on this rather toothy paper which I like also.


This page was completed using my Micador ColouRush pencils.  I have a pack of 36 of these pencils marked through Micador in Australia and I quite love them as my travel pencils.they even have their own Derwent pencil wrap to keep them warm and safe.  I enjoyed completing this picture and the soft, blended citrus look I achieved.  Once again, you DO NOT need expensive pencils to achieve beautiful art.


I wanted to see how well the paper in this book coped with gel pens.  here I’ve used a mixture of different gel pens from the expensive ‘Smiggles’ brand to cheap ‘Reject’ shop (think dollar store) pens.  I found the ‘Smiggles’ gel pens took forever to dry and where very prone to smudge although the ink flowed well without scratching.  But I find I preferred the budget gel pens.  A little trick a friend told me… if you are having problems with the gel pens acting dry or scratchy then put them in the freezer for 10 minutes.  I don’t know why it works but I have had some success with this.  I also try rubbing the tip of the pen on the base of my thumb under warm water to shift any debris that is blocking it.  Have a go using these methods with your problem pens and see how you go.

the back ground was my very first experiment with chalk pastel back grounds.  I used my old set of Windsor and Newton soft pastels and a cotton ball.  I like the idea of adding something quick and simple to banish that bare white and I think, for an experiment, this worked quite well.



  1. Teri Rexroad

    Love your style. I am learning a great deal and hope to find my style. Love your “lessons” Backgrounds, blending, various mediums, etc. Looking forward to more from you. Please keep up the great work

    Cannecticut USA

  2. Noella

    Hi Peta
    Your colour choices and techniques are awesome and I enjoy your videos which give me tips and ideas. Thanks to your recommendation of Micador I bought a 24 pack and I love how easily the colour goes on paper! 🙂

  3. Florence Ponzi

    I just watched one of your demonstrations of using Intense pens. I loved how they work and can’t wait until mine arrive. You used a white pen/pencil (?) that you liked because it added sparkle. I didn’t get the name of that instrument. Could you please tell me what it is?
    I used to do watercolor and haven’t for many years. I discovered coloring books, which are fun, but your tutorials have put an excitement for painting & coloring back that haven’t felt for so very long.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Chaypeta (Post author)

      Hi Florence, the white pen is a Uniball Signo made by Mitsubishi.


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