Video Pencil Colouring Tutorial: Colouring Leaves in ‘Enchanted Forest’.

What a fortnight its been!  Our house has been turned upside down having all of its old, decrepit black cabling removed and replaced along with a new fuse box and new light fittings and power points.  Not much time for colouring with all the furniture moving and cleaning that goes along with it.  And there was a fair amount of cleaning… sadly our annual mouse invasion, which occurs every Autumn, had left it’s mark on all the nooks and crannies hidden by the book cases and entertainment unit.  Lots of scrubbing and cleaning for me and little time to art.  I want to give a shout out to Steven Bird, our electrician, and his apprentice Josh for the great job they did.  Anyone in Geelong needing electrical work done I can thoroughly recommend them!

I have been busy again making up for lost colouring time.  I have managed to complete several more pages in ‘Enchanted Forest’ and also created two new videos to share.  Firstly is a new colouring book review. This one is called ‘Percy and the Colouring Adventure by Australian artist Narelle Craven.  This is the artist edition with the pictures printed on one side in nice solid black on THICK card stock.  Yes… card stock, not paper.  No worries with bleed through here and all the mediums I have used have worked beautifully on it.  There is a large variety of detailed work with lots of intricate doodling along with some simpler fun picture using a wide variety of themes from mandalas to fun animal portraits to a lovely floral butterfly.  This book features a little portrait of ‘Percy’ the penguin hidden on every page for you to find.  As an extra bonus for every copy of this book sold a portion of the money will be donated to ‘Jirrahlinga’ our local wild life sanctuary, to help with the care of their resident pelican ‘Percy’.  There is something for every colourist in this book and you can find the review here:

Last night we finalised editing on my FIRST colouring Tutorial which I will link to below.  Using a picture from Johanna Basford’s Enchanted Garden, namely the blue and orange picture at the start of this post, I have created a video showing you exactly how I achieve those eye catching colour transitions and shiny leaves you’ve seen in my work.  This is a spoken tutorial so I tell you exactly what I am using, what I doing and exactly how I go about doing it so that you can follow along.  My amazing web master husband has edited this video with lovely, soft music to put you in the mood for a relaxing colouring session.  I hope you enjoy it and learn something from it.  If you have any comments or questions don’t hesitate to leave me a note either here or on my Youtube channel.  (It’s in high definition so please full screen it to see all the details.)


  1. Karin

    Thank you so much for being very inspirational. Also I really appreciate you tips and advice you have to give

  2. Stuart

    Absolutely terrific, such a useful tutorial and utterly inspiring….love your work!

  3. Jolanda

    Thank you! I’m a little bit colourblind… I have trouble with combination of colors. So i’m very happy with your video’s, because you tell what you are using. I hope there will be much more of this tutorials! Greatings from Holland!


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