Enchanted Forest Video Review with finished pages!

I’m back again with another video review.  This time I’m looking at Johanna Basfords ‘Enchanted Forest’, the second in her series of colouring books.  I don’t actually own a copy of her first one ‘Secret Garden’ but as lovely as it is, I enjoy colouring trees more than flowers and I’m trying to keep my collection down to books that i know I will use so I’m not likely to purchase that magnificent book.  On the other hand I am drooling with anticipation for her third book ‘Lost Ocean’ which I have ordered at my local book shop.  I love water and everything connected with it so I’m looking forward to getting out my favourite shades of green, blue and turquoise for this book.

In preparation for this video I have spent, as I like to do, a considerable amount of time colouring and experimenting with the book to see how it responds to different art mediums.  I can say, with confidence, that this paper is one of the very best I have used for ANYTHING!  It takes pencils both budget and artist quality very well.  Almost nothing bar alcohol markers will bleed through, even the juiciest of my gel pens and wettest of my water based markers.  I layered both Tombows and Faber castell Pitt pens up to four times thick on the back page (which I use as a test page) and nothing showed through to the other side.  I even tested water activated Derwent Inktense pencils to see how the paper would react to water.  With a very wet application on an area 5 x 5cms there was a slight buckling but when I checked the paper afterward it had dried was almost completely smooth again.  I don’t know how it would react to a whole page being wetted with a watercolour wash but I have seen evidence of other colourists doing just that in this book and getting good results.  It’s something I will try in the future.

The only marker I found that does have a faint shadow showing on the other side is a brush marker marketed by Micador in Australia.  It is VERY faint and i would not have noticed it if i wan’t looking for it.  Test all your markers on a designated test page you’ve chosen in your book prior to committing to a drawing to any brand markers.  Just in case.  Also DO NOT use alcohol based markers in this book as they will bleed through.  Alcohol markers include Sharpies, Bic mark-its and Copic markers to name a few.

To see my video click the link below.



  1. Sandra Harris

    Although I have completed this book recently ( It took from 11 May to 10 Oct, 5 months) I realise from seeing this that I have been far too hasty ! It was my first colouring book, but after seeing your video and the time frame for a double page, it makes me want to start over ! Simply awesome work and a great challenge to aspire to.It will become a family heirloom to be treasured Peta ;))

    1. Chaypeta (Post author)

      I’d still love to see a video walk through of your finished book. I can’t believe someone has actually finished it! You’ll get your opportunity with Lost Oceans… I’m counting the days.

  2. Ann

    Did you color the background first in this and did you use pastels or pencil? I am really enjoying & learning from watching your videos!


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