Tombow’s Are Awesome. First Coloured Picture.

I finished my first picture using my brand new Tombows.  I like them.  I like them VERY much.  Although not as blendable as Copic markers they have the HUGE advantage of not bleeding through paper.  And apart from the poor range of blues I love the colour choices.  This first picture is from ‘The Art of Mindfulness Peace and Calm Colouring.  I chose a fairly simple picture as I’m a bit strapped for time this week.  The initial colours and some of the hard shading was all done with Tombow markers.  Then, because I can’t leave anything alone, I added to it shading with various coloured pencils to get some nice texture and depth happening.  It’s a fairly simple pic maybe three hours worth of colouring time.  But it was very relaxing to do.  Love all those bright, happy colours.

Here’s a second quick colouring from the same book using Tombows for the first layer of colour and then adding Micador ColouRush pencilsTheArtOfMindfulnessPAC02

This is the book I used.  I purchased it at Target in Australia.  Published by Michael O’Mara Books LTD in Great Britain 2015.



  1. Nicole

    Hi Peta. I just bought my first set of Tombow markers. It would be great if you can show us how you use them in colouring books, some tips and techniques? I did some testing but the results are not as nice as yours. I really would appreciate it if you find some time for a tutorial. Thanks for your inspiring work. Greetings from Germany

  2. Jennifer R

    I second the request for a Tombow tip & technique post. I always learn so much from your posts and videos.

    I also have to say there’s something about the way you write and speak that makes me feel just so optimistic and positive about my own coloring. Thank you for that.

  3. Debbie Cowles

    I also would love to see a tutorial of how to use Tombow markers. I purchased some but found that I was not able to blend them so I returned them. Maybe I was expecting too much blending ability based on my use of Polychromous pencils. Now I’m wondering of I would be happier with an alcohol marker like Spectrum Noire (not quite ready to go for Copics) or if I should try another water based marker like stabilo markers. I had a really difficult time using Tombows to cover large areas. I would love to see a tutorial of using Tombow markers in coloring books, without other media.

  4. C

    Yes please can you do a video tutorial with Tombow. Even if you can use something with allot of detail like lost ocean!!

  5. Marybeth

    Another request for a Tombow tutorial as I have just purchased a set as well. Any tips for how to get nice even strokes…to avoid that streaky marker look would be great. Thanks!


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