The Great Wall of China

Another two page spread from The Magical City.  This one made me think hard about how I was going to fill all those large blank areas to give it texture and interest.  The mountains were done using a number of different shades of green with small circular motions to give the impression of foliage.  the Great Wall itself is made up of millions of bricks and I wanted them to be shown in the picture.  So, using a greay coloured pencil I drew in all those bricks pressing fairly firmly so that the water wash would not dissolve them completely.  I added browns, oranges and yellows in places to give the wall more interest and variety.  For the distant walls I added smaller bricks with a sharper point so the lines would be smaller, and I added them in patches only to give the impression of detail being lost in the distance.  I’m happy how this turned out.


Also I’m particularly happy with the Autumn leaves on the branch.  And the panda!  cute little guy. 🙂



  1. Miles

    Simply fabulous!

  2. Pandore

    Absolutely gorgeous !


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