Tombow Marker Review.

They’re HERE!!!!! (Along with my brekkie… oops.  My tax return was very generous this year so i squiffled some of it to buy a set of Tombow markers off Amazon. (The rest is sadly going to rewire our seventy year old house. 🙁 )  Click to open this post to see lots more pictures and a review.

The delivery was very quick, considering they were stuck for a week in Australian customs.



Sooooo… Quick preliminary review of these pens for the curious. Set of 96 colours in large, double ended water based markers. one end is a huge fat brush great for covering large areas but with a nice fine tip for detail work. The other end is a hard nip which could graze the surface of less water tolerant paper.


The stand, which I have read many criticisms of came together easily and feels very sturdy and firm when assembled. No danger of falling apart. I can only assume Tombow has listened to the complaints and have improved this piece.

All the markers are juicy and full of colour. I have included my three colour test sheets with all the colours on them in the pictures. I felt the range of greens, yellows, purples and pinks to be excellent. Reds, oranges, greys and browns are pretty good. Blues were a disappointment with three of the blue pens almost identical in colour despite their different colour lids. I felt they could have done a better range of blues with a few bluey purple in darker shades.



Overall I am very happy with them.  Hope to have some coloured pics using these completed and ready for you to see soon.

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  1. Crystall

    Congratulations!! I received my set over the summer. I also hot glued the stand as I was putting it together based upon the reviews I read on the internet. I really haven’t used the set much, but I plan to test it in the ‘Animal Kingdom’ and ‘Enchanted Forest’ coloring books. I also ordered their swatch and an extra blender.


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