Night Visitor

The Night Visitor is a piece I created late last year as an experiment with creating a night time scene, particularly a night sky, with copic markers.  The girl is my daughter.  I don’t know where the balloon came from i just wanted something nice and glowy to be a light source.  Did I mention I love copic markers?  Done on an A5 piece of bristol board.


  1. Pandore

    I love this drawing ! So peaceful and mysterious…

  2. Paula

    This put a smile on my face. It brought Dr Who to mind. I know, it’s not a tardis, but it’s a mysterious night time visit to a red-haired girl (Amy Pond.) I’ve been watching all the re-runs of Dr Who, which I’ve never watched before and instantly became hooked on. I bet your daughter loved to be in one of your works of art 🙂 Beautiful!


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