Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome!  I am Peta, an Aussie girl who likes to mess about with things starting with the letter ‘P’… namely pencils, pens, paints and paper!  I’ve been drawing stuff since I was a toddler basically back before electricity and when your vege garden could be destroyed by roaming stegosaurus.
I have birthed this page to share with you examples of my ongoing artwork.  Some of it will be original art.  A big portion will be finished colouring pages from published colouring book byother artists as this is the thing that has caught my arty muse at the moment.  I will also share with you details of the art equipment I like to use, tips and tricks to drawing and colouring and links to my Youtube videos featuring tutorials made by me as well as my colouring book walk throughs.
As of this date, August 30 2015, this page is in it’s early infancy and the site design will be tweeked and added to over the coming months.  I hope you will enjoy my art related chatter and other content. Enjoy.

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  1. Judi

    This is absolutely one of my favourite sites!! Thank you. I have only just explored it for the first time today, but have been watching your YouTube channel. Love your artwork and especially here, seeing it step by step is fascinating.


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